Nintendo Wii Introduction

In this review I will be telling you about the unique best selling console the Nintendo Wii, as you know just by the name it is made by the Nintendo Company. In the shops it is about £120.00-179.99. Nintendo Wii was first released on November 19 2006. The reason Nintendo (the company) created this console was so people become more active as most of the games involve a lot of physical action which is great exercise. The console is great playing it but you Nintendo Wii(54709)can get quite bored playing on your own, so try and play it with your friends or family (it’s meant for a family anyways). Also if you can’t do that I suggest you play online with other online players as it is really fun and entertaining. The controller doesn’t always come in a rectangle shape but it come in other shapes to like a wheel, a bat, a racket and etc. You can go up to 16 Wii Remote controllers (10 in Standard Mode, 6 in One Time Mode and you can connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth).

Nintendo Wii Features

On the Nintendo gaming system you have 88MB for the main memory (24 iNintendo wii remote and knunchuknternal 1T- SRAM integrated in to the graphics package, 64MB external GDDR3 ADRAM). For the embedded GPU texture memory and the frame buffer is 3MB. For the storage there is a 512 MB built-in NAND flash memory. Memory can be expanded via SD and SDHC card memory (up to 32 GB) which is decent but should be improved. You can use Nintendo Game Cube Memory Card but can only be used for Game Cube games (for Game Cube game saves), Slot-loading disc drive compatible with Nintendo Game Cube Game Disc and Nintendo Wii Optical disc also Mask ROM by Macro nix.Wii tennis racket attachment

The audio system has a main stereo- Dolby Pro logic 11-capable. The Wii remote has a built in speaker which makes you get into the game more. If you purchase a Nintendo Wii from a store you will get a free game called Wii sports inside the box. Inside the box you will find the Nintendo Wii itself (obviously), a Wii remote, nunchuk controller, scart lead, adaptor, Wii sports which has 5 fun sports family mini games, sensor bar, a ManueNintendo Wii wheel attachmentl (incase you don’t know how to set it up or you don’t know how to use it), a Nintendo Wii console stand and a basic AV cable (audio/video)

Extra Information On The Nintendo Wii Console

Nintendo Wii is competing against Sony’s magnificent Playstation 3 and Microsoft’s top leading online gaming system Xbox 360. On September 14, 2006, Nintendo announced the release information for North and South America, Japan, Australasia (Oceania), Asia and Europe, including dates, prices, and projected unit distribution numbers. It was announced that the majority of the year 2006 shipments would be to the Americas, and that 33 titles would be available in the 2006 launch window which is just fabulous. The Wii was launched in the United States on November 19, 2006 at a decent price of $249.99. It was later launched in the United Kingdom on Nintendo Wii(54714)December 8, 2006 at the price of £179.99. The UK suffered a widespread shortage of console units as we all know many high-street and online stores were unable to fulfil all the pre-orders that were made for this console when it was released because of it high demand and the low units distribution to the UK. The Nintendo Wii was launched later in South Korea on April 26, 2008 and in Taiwan on July 12, 2008. This console can be purchased in all good retailers also from the internet places like Amazon. This amazing console is suitable for all ages and it is a great active multiplayer console, therefore, it is worth buying!

Nintendo Wii