One of the most debilitating and depressing thing that can happen to any human being is losing their hair. Losing hair affects people psychologically especially women and can result in many other social problems. There are several causes for hair loss such as genetics, underlying medical conditions such as thyroid function and hormonal imbalance as well as other factors. There are thousands of people that have now stated that the Nioxin scalp treatment works wonders.  

No matter what has caused your hair loss, you need to treat the cause as well as the symptom. You need to pay a visit to your local practitioner and find out what is causing your hair loss. Yes there are many remedies and lotions that supposedly help restore hair loss, but if you don’t find the root cause nothing will work effectively. This scalp treatment really has stood the test of time and stands out from the rest of the hair loss products, due to the fact of the treatment being purely organic in nature. 

When it comes to skin care and hair care people prefer to use organic products as chemicals are usually harsh and cause irritations in most instances. Organic products do not present with side effects as opposed to their chemical counterparts. In addition the Nioxin scalp treatment has been on the market for some time and is a well known product that has proved itself time and time again.  

If you want to improve your hair condition as well as stop thinning hair this is the product to use. Customers worldwide have logged reports that the product has worked. The way in which Nioxin works is that the cleanser removes DHT which is a hormone that causes hair loss. The therapy in turn provides all the essential nutrients to the scalp which ultimately prevents the hair from falling out.  

In total there are eight different Nioxin treatments. Depending on your hair type will depend on the type of scalp treatment. For instance if you have damaged hair you will use type 8 and if your hair is not damaged you will use type 1. Many people experience redness on the scalp when first applying the Nioxin treatment, this is no cause for concern as it will disappear after a few applications.  

Never apply Nioxin scalp treatment to broken or sensitive skin. To obtain the best results it is essential that you use the full range of treatment which comprises of the Nioxin shampoo, Nioxin follicle treatment and the Nioxin cleanser.