• Bold, chunky design
  • Easy to read face
  • Easy to match with virtually any outfit
  • Elegant, understated style


  • Durability is somewhat limited in regards to conventional wear-and-tear
  • Face is difficult to read in low-light conditions without using Indiglo feature
  • Crystal once scratched is expensive to repair

Full Review

Nixon - The Platform is a watch designer, manufactured and distributed by Nixon.

The watch itself is available in a variety of colour and metal schemes, all designed by a team of creative professionals at Nixon.

The dial features bar instead of numerals, as well as a minute hand, hour hand and second hand. The end of the second hand is often painted in a colour contrasting with the dial, in the same colour scheme as the rest of the unit. 'NIXON' is embalzoned in chrome on the dial, providing the eloquence usually associated with Nixon watches.

The watch is splashproof and waterproof, rated up to 100 metres of submersion. It features a Japan movement, and is crafted of stainless steel.

I recieved this watch as a gift in the black and red scheme, pictured above.

I thoroughly enjoy this watch, having a large, chunky design meant to stand out unapologetically among other, more meek units. It's classy and bold without being overbearing, and extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. On top of it all, it even tells the time - can you imagine?

I have had my Platform for over a year now, and have mostly good things to say about it. The crystal is genuine, and extremely scratch-resistant - I have a history for breaking watches of lesser quality, so I appreciate the rugged design Nixon has incorporated into this watch.

On the negative side, while it may put up with abuse, regular wear and tear does indeed show quite visibly on the black unit. Within six months, the black finish in the more high-traffic areas of the band wore away to show the steel underneath - a condition quite unremediable by anyone outside of the Nixon family.

However, these shortcomings have been slight, and the Nixon Platform is highly reccomended to any and all who want a dependable watch without breaking the bank.

In Closing

A great watch for any who love the Nixon line. A great entry unit for those who have yet to discover the joys of a high-quality watch.

A solid 5/5 review.