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It bears repeating that with the glut of information available for people serious about losing weight I must be insane to want to add to it.   But my motivation for writing this article stems from watching myself and a number of friends achieve excellent results or meet their weight loss goals with so little sacrifice or inconvenience using the Belly Fat Cure app.  It’s on your phone, it’s with you wherever you go, making it easy to keep track of your sugars and carbs.   It also can be loaded on your iPad.


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Why It Works

Remember the Atkins diet?  People were shedding tons of pounds with that premise.  But it left a lot to be desired.  Basically, it wasn’t sustainable for most people.  It certainly made you aware of your carb intake but many felt deprived by it.  There were also issues dealing with dieters so dedicated to the program, they put their health at risk by not consuming enough carbs.  Ketosis, a situation where blood sugar drops dramatically and can reach dangerous levels, was a concern with the over-zealous.  The Atkins diet was on the right track but it was too restrictive.  And the one piece of the weight loss puzzle Atkins missed was sugar.

Eat Like A Caveman

What kind of foods do you think were on Fred Flintstone’s dinner table?  There were no Dove Bars, no flourless chocolate cake, and certainly no sugar bowl.  Sugar is a major contributing factor to health issues in our society.  Sugar became affordable for the average American after the industrial revolution and has become a staple since.  If you are rolling your eyes right now, I don’t blame you.  The sugar message has been done to death, repeatedly describing how it adversely impacts our health.  Although we may be tired of hearing it, it obviously hasn’t gotten through.

Here’s what may be missing from that message.  How many sugars would you expect to find in one glass of milk? 

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The answer is 13.  How many in an eight ounce glass of Tropicana orange juice with or without pulp?  Would you believe 22?  Can you have a glass of milk or juice each day?  Sure.  If you’re trying to lose weight with the Belly Fat Cure - no.  A full glass of either of these would put you over or close to your limit for an entire day.  So would a fruit smoothie or a McDonald’s cappuccino.

The average American may hear the word sugar and think, “I’m careful, I don’t add sugar to anything, it doesn't apply to me.”  But what might shock most is that sugar is found in many “non sweet tasting” food items like packaged sauces, salad dressing, breads, soups, not to mention restaurant meals.  If you’re trying to lose weight, read labels or go on line and search “how many sugars and carbs in” followed by your favorite restaurant meal.  You won’t find everything you search for, but more and more are being listed.

Years ago I studied nutrition.  My motivation was a personal problem with blood sugar.  I devoured books by Linus Pauling and Adele Davis and it changed my life for the better.  Unfortunately, over time we forget what we learn and I've strayed slightly from my initial path.  Those convictions in the books I read are the same ones that are resurfacing now, voiced by a different generation.  When I was following the Belly Fat Cure program of my day, it was very difficult.  I had endless written lists and numbers which helped me keep track of my sugars each day.  Now there’s this incredible app to do all the work for me.

App Imperfect

Very few things are perfectly designed.  This app falls into that category.  But the imperfections do little to detract from its value.

• For some reason the app calculates your input by meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If you manually add up the carbs, it won't necessarily match the orange circles on your page. For instance if you were to consume 30 carbs at all three meals, two carb circles will light up at each meal because circles are either wholly lit up or not at all.  There are no fractions where the circles are concerned.  According to the app, by the end of the day you will have no carbs left.  But you've only taken in 90 carbs for the day, not 120. If the premise tells you that you can take in 120 carbs in a day and still lose weight, then it should be giving you a more accurate count.  I like specifics so I decided to just put everything I eat in a day into the Breakfast section.  That way I get a completely accurate count of how many carbs I have left at any time even if I don't plan to use them all.

• When you input your own favorite meals or recipes into the app, it gets added to a category in your “Favorites”.  It’s easy to click on your favorites but the page that comes up does not have the categories in alphabetical order.  So vegetables might come before fruit drinks, etc., making a search for your favorites harder than it needs to be.

• An item added to your daily menu can easily be erased by dragging across it.  A “remove” prompt appears.  While this is convenient, there are times when you just want to edit the item and not remove it.  Maybe you typed in Trader Joe's O's instead of Cheerios.  With the current app, the only way to correct this is to remove the item and create it all over again.

Go to the iTunes App store and you’ll see some negative comments about the Belly Fat Cure app.  Many people expect too much from an app for $5, people wanting their favorite obscure food item in the index.  And statements like, “this” doesn’t work indicate that the user has discarded the premise of the program because of something in the app that didn’t meet their needs.  That’s unfortunate.  It’s important to look at reviews with a critical eye, separating the app from the weight loss program.   Imperfections in the app do not invalidate the effectiveness of the Belly Fat Cure premise.

If you have a friend who does some form of exercise regularly and tells you “Under all this fat is a six pack”, believe him.   He’s religiously putting out great effort but seeing no reward and it may be because he's unaware of hidden sugars interfering with his progress.   Be a good friend, share this article with him.  Tweet it, text it, email it or simply tell him about the app.  This may be the easiest, most controllable and convenient way to loose weight, and the best gift you could give a friend.  

By the way, if you don't own a smart phone or iPad, there are many books available on Amazon to help you understand how to implement this program without the help of technology.

No-Nonsense Weight Loss And The Belly Fat Cure App Part I


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