If you’re at all interested in the topic of weight loss, you’re probably tired of hearing about magic pills that will melt away fat, and programs promising unrealistic weight loss in short periods of time.  Articles about counting calories and counting fats, add to the glut of information in the media making it difficult for people serious about losing, to wade through.  While there are some effective programs in the mix, there are far more that are sheer nonsense.

In view of all this, I think it takes a fair amount of insanity for me to add to that glut by writing about weight loss, but that’s what I’ve chosen to do.  Like Cary Grant said, in the film Arsenic and Old Lace, "Insanity doesn't run in my family, it gallops."

The reason I’m so compelled to write on this subject is my personal experience with the Belly Fat Cure Program and the app that makes this the easiest and most painless way to shed pounds no matter what your age.


Belly Fat(107321)

I know of five people who are using the Belly Fat Cure app, not a huge sample, I agree.  But I’ve only known about this app for two months.  When I say I know five people, I’m not talking about celebrities I recognize on TV.  These are five people I socialize with on a regular basis.  All five have had or are currently having excellent results using this app and program.  Interestingly, even though they all had different amounts of weight to lose, they report similar progress in that first week.  One friend lost three and a half pounds in 6 days.  The fat noticeably disappears in the weeks that follow, with clothes getting looser, and a steady progression of loss.  No dramatic swings, just enough improvement to keep you encouraged and motivated to reach your goal. 

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The Premise - Keeping it Simple

There are two simple components to the Belly Fat Cure: the premise and the app.  The premise proposes that excess weight is caused by ingesting more carbohydrates and sugar than our bodies can handle.  You either accept the premise or you don’t.  The idea in this program is to limit your intake to 15 sugars and 120 carbs on a daily basis.  Jorge Cruise, author and health professional came up with these numbers to guide you.  Stay at or under these numbers and you will loose fat every single day.  The formula appears to be valid because I see it working for myself and friends, people who have tried everything to lose weight, like increasing workouts, living on salads, eating smaller portions, and drastic or bizarre diets.

Like the Alcoholics Anonymous motto, One Day At A Time, the Belly Fat Cure requires that you monitor your sugars and carbs day by day.  Do the restrictions mean you’ll never be able to eat your favorite burger or ice cream again?  No.  This program is a tool for losing all the excess weight you’ve accumulated over time, while allowing you to enjoy most of your favorite foods.  After you loose the weight you want, you can choose to use the app and the information you’ve learned to casually monitor your daily food intake, or you can abandon it completely and pick it up again only when you see yourself putting on weight.  The choice is yours.

The one undeniable fact that people on this program unanimously stress is that they don’t have cravings.   They often go from meal to meal forgetting to eat.  And at meals, they easily pass on foods that may have lured them in the past.  The explanation for this has to do with how your body processes sugar.  Without getting into an explanation that would surely put you to sleep, just keep in mind that controlling the amount of sugar entering your system throughout the day will help you avoid the swings in blood sugar that cause cravings.

The Phone and iPad App

Think of your 15 sugars and 120 carbs as currency.  Each morning a deposit is made to your app page on your phone or iPad.  Each carb circle represents 20 units, only because it would take up a lot of space if 120 carb circles were displayed! 

You have a clean slate at the start of every day and all your circles for sugars and carbs are white.  You can input your meals throughout the day and watch the circles turn orange, or you can plan each morning for the day ahead of you.

clear circles

Are you scheduled to have a burger for lunch with a friend?  Click on the Food List to find out how many sugars and carbs you will be using by eating that burger.  If you’re willing to spend your currency on that burger, add it to your daily foods.  A number of your circles will turn orange showing you what you can spend for the rest of the day.

If you’re a creature of habit, click the “Add A New Food” selection  in the Food List to create an entry for the favorite dishes you eat on a regular basis.  The Food List helps you determine the number of sugars and carbs for each ingredient.   Add them up and key in the meal.  A breakfast each day of cereal with berries, and a piece of toast, can be input as a one menu item called, My Breakfast.   Each morning just click that item instead of inputting the toast, berries, cereal, and milk individually.  My favorite Spinach Quiche contains eight ingredients.  But they appear in my “Favorites” menu as “My Spinach Quiche”.  It’s easy to select and add to any day.

Food List

The Food List holds information for many items, including frozen and restaurant meals.  It’s unrealistic to expect to find every one of your favorite foods in the index.   Imagine how huge that app would be!  Some of the categories have names like Taco Bell, DiGiorno Healthy Choice and other familiar brands. 

Add the items from the Food or Favorites list to your "Today" page under the appropriate meal.

Today Page


Flow charts are included in the app to help you see your progress.  You can look at the monthly or weekly version and determine what happened on the days you went over the limit - if that happens. 


Go back to the day you went over and see what menu items pushed your numbers up.  It will help you to avoid consuming that same combination of meals on any one day in the future.  This system is like a jigsaw puzzle.  Some things fit together successfully (in terms of staying within you daily numbers) and some don’t.

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