No Battery Flashlights: Marvels Of The…19th Century!

Gone are the days of rummaging through a messy drawer in the dead of night for fresh batteries for your torchlight. No battery flashlights or shake flashlights are the latest in efficient flashlight technology. Their perpetual power comes from some basic electromagnetic principles that have finally made it to commercial production after years of research. Most 'no battery flashlights' work on a simple principle proposed by Michael Faraday in 1831 by deduction, and subsequent validation, that a moving magnetic field produces voltage in a closed-circuit conductor. Ever since then there has been a mad rush to invent a flashlight that doesn't require a power source other than vigorous movement. This led to innovative electronic designs that power the flashlights of today. Improvements in illumination technology made the efficacy of the principle even better. Just imagine where we would be if not for Edison, Faraday and a host of other curious individuals that LED us to the wonders of this age.

No Battery Flashlights: Shake It Till The Mornin' Light

Not only do these wonders of modern technology positively impact the environment by minimizing waste, they are very practical for camping trips and power outages. When you don't have the luxury or option of running to the store to stock up on your favorite brand of battery, these powerful path-finders come to your rescue. The luminosity of these torches us usually very high because they are based on xenon or halogen technology. A beam of light can typically be seen up to a distance of a mile or more – generously sufficient to light your way or attract the attention of a passer-by if your car breaks down on a dark road at night. Some of the more popular brands of no battery flashlights, also known as battery-free or shake flashlights are Forever Flashlights by the company of the same name, and Applied Innovative Technologies' NightStar.

Shake Flashlight Manufacturers: Bright Stars Of The Night

The LED Forever Flashlight is available at a list price of about $25 and a blue light that's extremely bright. The shake time is about 30 seconds and it will run for 5 minutes or so. Being waterproof, it is perfect for those idyllic night-fishing trips. They also have an 'Extreme' model for a couple dollars more that is supposed to be much brighter and features a slip-resistant grip. The ever popular NightStar series of shake flashlights from Applied Innovative Technologies is a range of light-weight, efficient and durable models that are guaranteed for at least 5 years but usually last a lot longer. They are also listed in the range of $20 to $25. They even have green light flashlights for assisting night-vision, and red ones for military and other covert activities. Rave reviews from their products' ardent fans are a powerful merchandising factor. An interesting tidbit for people who prefer buying from ethical companies; their charity initiatives are meaningful and don't just meet the minimum 'corporate social responsibility' requirements – in 2009 they donated hundreds of their flashlights to an organization in Africa that passed them on to villages that were surrounded by jungles so they could safely walk their paths after the sun set.

No Battery Flashlights: The 90-Second Miracle

A special flashlight that deserves mention here is the Light for Life UC 3.400, introduced by 5.11 Tactical, and supported by ultra-capacitor technology developed by Ivus Energy Innovations. This severe-sounding flashlight has primarily been used by the police force but is now available to order. Its magic – a 90-second charge will allow it to light up at 90 lumens for 90 minutes. A couple of those would be enough to do an appendectomy in an emergency. The technology is different from shake flashlights as it requires external power from time to time. However, a 90 second charge is practically negligible because of its unique ultra-capacitor energy storage system rather than a battery that accomplishes this amazing feat. Its manufacturer claims that its list price of $169 will be offset by the savings in batteries for the entire life of the product, or 50,000 charges. That's about 1 charge a day for 137 years!