Cheaper Car Insurance

More than 33 percent of motorists pay more than they should for car insurance. They renew their policies automatically and accept the first offer when shopping for a new policy.  When it comes to insurance, too many people make the mistake of not shopping around to see what offers are available. They deem it a hassle to go in search of a new and better deal on car insurance. Instead, they take the easier approach and renew their insurance with their existing company. Consumers like this pay more for insurance and account for more than half the profits earned by insurance providers.

Your accumulated no claims bonus may give you a false sense of complacency. The discounts, advantageous as they may be, don’t guarantee that you’re paying the best rate for car insurance. They must be used in conjunction with other money saving activities and discounts to guarantee the best price on your premiums.

Keep in mind that age also plays a significant role in how much you pay for your car insurance. The younger you are, the less you will have to pay for your car insurance.

Women and younger drivers take full advantage of the new blackbox policy to reduce their rates. Volunteers place a spy monitor in their vehicles to monitor their driving. The insurance companies reward conscientious drivers will lower premiums.
Check out the guidelines below for more ways to lower your car insurance premiums.

Search for the Best Deals

You can save hundreds when you play it smart and shop around for the best car insurance prices. The best time to comparison shop is when you’re approaching the date to renew your cover.

Search out authentic deals and compare like-for-like cover. The lower price may not be the best deal if you have to sacrifice the amount of coverage.

Comparison shopping is easier than ever when you take your search online. Comparison sites provide side by side comparisons, so you’ll clearly identify the better deal with very little effort.

Protect Your No-claims Bonus

An accumulated no claims bonus is possibly the best way to cut your car insurance costs. Therefore, you need to do all you can to protect it. You’ll have to pay a few pounds on your premiums to ensure protection, but the costs are insignificant when compared with the potential loss of hundreds if you lose your bonus.

Conduct some research since insurers define protected no-claims bonus in different ways. Most providers will overlook accidents caused by another driver, but if you’re at fault, you could lose your bonus. Therefore, you’ll have to review your policy carefully.

Take a Higher Excess

Increasing your voluntary excess provides another means by which you can lower your premiums. In essence, this increase means that you agree to pay more out of pocket for the cost of accident repairs. The excess will be refunded if you’re not at fault. Important: Choose an excess that you can pay comfortably in the event of an accident.

Secure Your Car

Tighten up your car’s security and you’ll attract discounts of around 5 percent and more. Fit your car with an immobilizer, approved alarm and a tracking device and the insurer will reduce your premium since their risks are reduced. These security devices are included as a standard in new cars, so check for their inclusion and make a note to that effect when you submit your application for insurance.

Do Fewer Miles

You’ll save more on your policy if you do fewer miles. For example, you’ll reap  yearly savings of £50 or more on your premiums if you reduce your annual mileage by 5,000 miles. The more you reduce the mileage, the greater the savings will be.

Be honest when you declare your mileage because false information will jeopardize your claim or lead to cancellation of your policy. Your agreement will provide specific details of what qualifies for reductions. For instance, the insurer will provide a favorable quote if don’t use the car for business. Review the agreement and find legitimate ways to reduce your mileage.

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