Using no contract cell phone providers is a great way to go for someone who does not use their cell very often, or if you don’t like the idea of being on the hook for a set amount of time with one provider.

No contract phones are quite often referred to as prepaid cell phones.  This is where a owner, can simply “pre-pay” for minutes they feel they will need ahead of time.  There are many providers in Canada that offer this service.  The usual larger telephone companies such as Rogers, Bell and Telus, will have prepaid ones.  Each company usually has a simple way to top up your minutes when you get low.

But here are a few other companies that offer no contract or prepaid that might be worth checking out for price comparison that you may not be aware are in the telephone markets.

Petro Canada – you may think of them for fuel for your car, but they offer a prepaid cell phone setup as well.  You can check them out at and check out their many options for having one.

Best Buy – This is an electronics store, but also sells packages that are prepaid.  These work like most, where you can simply purchase minutes ahead of time.  Check with and compare these providers to see if you can carry over minutes, or if you lose them when you don’t use them.  This is really important for any mobile user that only likes to carry one for emergencies.

Virgin Mobile – This is another no contract provider in Canada, that is also easy to deal with and has many options for topping up your minutes.

The advantages of using mobile phones that are prepaid are that you are not contracted to stay with this company, you can simply leave.  Since you are paying for your minutes ahead of time, you don’t have to go through the credit checks that are necessary when purchasing a contract deal. Prepaid Cell PhoneCredit:

This is one way to have a mobile for students, who are away from home, and can get a phone that works for their school area, especially if they are far from home.  There is more freedom if you move a lot as well.

The disadvantages are that you may end up paying more for your minutes, especially if you are texting or in higher priced roaming area.  If you use a cell or mobile a lot, sometimes the plans are a better deal.  But they do require a contract which tends to be approximately 3 years and usually a credit check.

So, if you are always on the move, a student, don’t want anyone checking your credit, or want more privacy when it comes to your phoning options, then going with no contract providers would be the best way to go.

My mother who is a senior, found the ones that are prepaid a cheap way to have the security of a phone without the contract or high bills.  She found a provider that allows her minutes to stay there until used up.  She can quickly check how many she has left and top them up when needed.  This gets rid of the monthly bills.