One of the most popular ways people believe they can earn some extra money online is with a data entry job. Data entry has been a popular offline way for typists to work extra hours outside of their normal working day. These days however these types of job are few and far between.

Most people with any sort of typing ability want to be able to use their typing skills from home rather than have to go out to work. This narrows down the type of work available to you. Typing jobs such as medical transcriptions and copy typing although can be done online tend to be done more often than not through specialist firms.

Why wanting to work at home via the internet is so popular

Being able to work from home brings many benefits. The main reason people seek home based jobs are due to family commitments and time constraints. This is particularly true for stay at home mums and dads who have young children to take care of.

Finding work to fit around your children is nigh on impossible unless you turn to nurseries. The problem there is that they can be expensive and you may not even earn enough to cover the cost of the nursery fees. Many parents just do not like the idea of someone else looking after their child. The whole point of having children is so that you can spend time with them, not some stranger.

So this leaves either typing work you can do in the evenings, at weekends or sporadically throughout the day when you get a few minutes spare. This of course is why many turn to the internet to find more flexile working opportunities that allows them to work your own hours. 

Where to find online data entry work

Most internet based jobs are going to be advertised online. Your first point of call should be the recruitment and job listing sites. You can find them by searching through your favourite search engine for home based data entry jobs. There are now several specialist jobsites that list internet based or home working jobs. You may also find many of the larger sites now have a home working section.

If you have already been searching for work online you will no doubt have come across many sites or job postings that require an up front fee. If these types of site have raised a red flag for you and you have decided to give them a wide berth then you have done the right thing. There are no genuine job opportunities that require you to pay an upfront fee.

I guarantee that if you pay out money up front for any type of job online you will end up getting scammed. I guarantee as a result of you handing over your hard earned cash it will not result in you finding employment. No matter how many times I tell people not to pay out they inevitably stumble on a too good to be true offer and part with their cash.

How can I start earning today?

The only easy to find and easy to start work that allows you to start earning straight away without any costs are the survey and opinion jobs. These are sites that pay you to answer questions and give your opinion of different topics.

There are several companies that pay people to complete surveys over the internet. Some are good and some are not so good but in general they have been the only genuine typing and data entry type work I have found online.

The reason these survey sites can pay you for your opinion is that they get approached by other companies and organisations to gather information on a particular issue, product or service. You have probably seen the adverts or the statistics quoted on the news, this information is gathered by these survey sites that pay people like you for your views.

My advice is to join several companies. As these surveys are not carried out all of the time, being a member of several means that you will get a constant stream of work. As with any type of online job never pay any money to join a survey site, they should always be free to join and cost you nothing.