If you have been looking for no credit check auto loans then you may have been running into difficulty trying to locate a lender that can provide you with such a loan. The reality is that while these kinds of no credit check auto loans exist, they are fairly rare, and they are typically only made by private bad credit lenders who specialize in making loans to individuals with bad credit or no credit. Even these sorts of sub-prime lenders will want to check your credit the majority of the time, and it is very seldom that a lender who can provide you with a real auto loan will not want to check your credit before they issue you an approval.

The good news is that if you have bad credit or no credit you can still find a lender that can provide you with a real auto loan with relative ease. These bad credit or sub-prime lenders will still want to run a credit check most of the time but their business constantly involves working with people who have serious credit issues and it is not that difficult to still get approved even if you have really bad credit. If the lender runs a credit check and subsequently sees your bad credit score and the problems that are listed on your credit report you should then simply provide them with an authentic explanation of what has happened, and by doing this you can give the lender enough confidence to still approve your application.

Every bad credit auto loan lender has their own policies in regard to credit and what constitutes a reason for a denial so it is imperative that you investigate the particular lender's policies before you apply so that you can get an idea for what they will be looking for. Some lenders frown upon bankruptcies, while others don't like seeing defaulted accounts and especially unpaid auto loan accounts. These bad credit lenders will often be able to overlook your poor credit score without a problem but they may have policies against providing loans to people who have these sorts of marks on their credit report so it is vital that you find a lender that can work with you with respect to what is exactly on your credit report.

A no credit check auto loan is a nice idea, but the reality is that even bad credit lenders are going to want to check your credit, and you should maybe not worry so much about finding no credit check auto loans and instead worry about finding a bad credit auto loan lender that can work with your specific situation. Once you do find a lender that has no problem working with you then it just becomes a question of approval and the terms you'll be able to receive for your car loan. You should expect to pay a higher than average interest rate and additional fees with any bad credit auto loan you receive because the lender needs to compensate for the risk they're taking by virtue of your bad credit. Most people with bad credit are almost happy with any kind of rate they receive as long as they can get approved, and depending on how bad your credit is you should always consider working with a lender that can provide you with a loan no matter what they return for your interest rate. Auto loans that don't require a credit check maybe be difficult to come by, but if you can stay persistent and apply to an assortment of sub-prime lenders you should eventually get approved for your auto loan so get in there and start applying.

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