A Troubled Life: No Hitler, No Holocaust

Adolf Hitler played an essential role in formulating and initiating the Holocaust, and without him, Nazi Germany would not have performed such an atrocity to the extent of what occurred during World War 2. World War 2 may have erupted without Hitler, but the intent of the War would have been for purely economic and power purposes; not to purify a race of a “plague”. Hitler can only be viewed as the wrong person with the worst intentions, stumbling on unlimited power at the right time and in the right place.

The Holocaust happened because Hitler’s past was filled with extreme hardship and the indifference of the people around him in his life to his viewpoint of the Jews.


Early in his childhood, Hitler was abused harshly by his father. He had few friends in school and rarely excelled in any subject. After the death of his mother, he began to blame his problems on the Jews citing that his teachers in school that failed him were Jewish, that his mother’s doctor was Jewish, and that only the Jews lived in the wealthy homes of his neighborhood.

Military Life

After being rejected to join the Austrian Army, Hitler went to Germany and was accepted to fight in World War 1. He was a brave soldier and even received medals for his accomplishment, but blamed the German loss on his Jewish officers. From the end of the first world war to the beginning of the second, Hitler’s hatred of the Jews became increasingly obsessive.

In 1919, he joined the German Workers Party which began to gain more members due to the tremendous depression in Germany after the war. In 1923, he and his party marched on Munich to try and take power, but the conditions were not yet right in Germany and Hitler was arrested.

While in jail, he wrote Mein Kampf which depicted his immense hatred for the Jews. In the last chapter, he wrote that “the sacrifice of millions at the front” would not have been necessary if “twelve or fifteen thousand of these Hebrew corrupters of the people had been held under poison gas.” So obsessed with hatred, he believed that the millions that died in World War 1 could be only blamed on the Jews for starting the war. Hitler believed that the Jews played a behind-the-scene role and conspired to control politics and the economy of every nation, world-wide.

Political Religion

Although his hatred for the Jews was very apparent, the German people were indifferent and probably did not think a mass-genocide would ever occur with Hitler in power. Due to overwhelming unrest, Hitler and the Nazi party rose to power in the 1930's. Almost immediately, Hitler began to militarize and strengthen Germany’s economy. 

Although he had a burning hatred for the Jews and publically expressed his views at every opportunity, Hitler was and will always be known as an exceptional and charismatic orator capable of igniting immense fervor within his audience. Using this skill, Hitler found more and more support for his objective to make Germany a strong nation that would someday reclaim its former boundaries and avenge its loss in the first world war.

Road to Dictatorship

To do this, he had to create a dictatorship. Through a dictatorship, all citizens of a nation are controlled in every aspect of their lives. The media, politics, religion, and the economy are all controlled or influenced heavily by the reigning dictator for whatever goal or plan, he so chooses. A dictatorship would allow itself the ability to destroy all privacy of its civilians with the use of terror, propaganda, scapegoats, and control.

With Hitler’s appointment to power, he quickly surrounded himself with loyal and equally passionate people to change Germany into a dictatorship. Within a short time, Hitler had full control over Germany’s human, political, and economic resources and with such power he was unstoppable and could wield his views of the ‘evil Jews’ on the rest of Germany.    


It is possible that another person could have organized Germany to be a powerful machine, as Hitler did, but Hitler was unique in that he used the power to start an ideal revolution. With propaganda, force, brain-washing a generation of boy-scouts, appealing to all classes of the German race, Hitler created a political religion.

Like any faith, a political religion is one that controls the masses and creates a family and unity of those members within the religion. Masterfully, a very serious, very dangerous cult had been created that followed his commands because they, too, believed in exterminating the Jews or they were afraid of being an outsider to this inclusive family.

In this way, Hitler created a family that excluded the Jews. Once this occurred, the Jews died a “social death” which means they had no rights and were more prone to being treated not as a human, but as animals. Once he had the Jews kicked out of society, Hitler could initiate his strategies to exterminate them.

Around 1941, Hitler’s goals of annihilating the Jews became more and more apparent among his close officers. Goebbels, Hitler’s advisor, once said that a “judgement is being carried out on the Jews which is barbaric, but fully deserved. The prophecy which the Fuhrer gave them along the way for bringing about a new world war is beginning to become true in the most terrible fashion. No sentimentality can be allowed to prevail in these things. If we didn’t fend them off, the Jews would annihilate us. It’s a life and death struggle between the Aryan race and the Jewish bacillus.”


Hitler is convinced that this war was not a war of military and economic gain, but a war against a bacteria and threat to the world. He believed the Jews were out to destroy him, and therefore, must be destroyed first. Adolf Hitler manifested a diabolical scheme to eradicate a group of people and almost succeeded. Without Hitler, there would have been no Holocaust.   

Political Religion
Credit: jewishvirtuallibrary.com