Is there a sadder story than a child that is neglected or abused? Yet there are government agencies that spend all of their time checking out homes in which children experience this type of treatment each and every day.

It makes you wonder why there is no type of mandatory process that all parents of all kids should have to go through before they have kids. This training should be in depth and involve a drug test as well. That way the welfare of the child just might be placed first before the urges of the parent.  There should definitely be people who are not allowed to have kids because they are going to behave in a manner that is detrimental to those children. 

The test for parenthood is admittedly unrealistic, but it should not be.  In order to be a parent there has to be some basic training that each person receives. The government would not even let a dog live in a home with people who were not qualified.  Yet any person with a functioning pair of ovaries can procreate and produce a child with no questions asked.

There should not be a financial requirement but there should be a need to show what the plan of care is going to be, before they are sent home from the hospital responsible for a totally helpless child. Classes should be required for both parents. With DNA testing today, there is no way a parent can escape the responsibility of the child. 

A drug test should be mandatory for all potential parents. If a person is choosing to do drugs rather than take care of themselves and their kids then they should not have the privilege of being a parent. Since the test would be taken during pregnancy, any mother who would risk the health of their child to get high has shown a disregard for their child. This makes you wonder what kind of parent they are going to be later on.  When it is inconvenient to supply their kid with food and a place to live will they look after their own needs. No parent who fails a drug test should be able to take a baby home from the hospital.

It has become clear that even though it is unrealistic to place a test on potential parents, there should be some type of limitation on people who have too many children.  If they can't take care of one child  then five kids shouldn't be an option.  One neglected or abused child is going to have a difficult time making it in the world,  not to mention four or five. If we don’t value the well being of our children then it can’t be a surprise when our country falls apart. 

One of the most important jobs that most people will ever have is that of being a parent. It seems like some people don't take that job very seriously. Until we as a society place higher expectations on those raising children then there are going to be issues. Parenting should be the number one activity that a person undertakes because the result of their endeavor will affect the future for  good or bad.