Purpose of Life

Well, with the holidays over and life "almost" back to normal, what's going on in you mind about your Life-and I hope if you do not have a Life...You get One. What I am getting at is; sometimes we have given up our life for someone else to have one. Now it is time for You- Get a Life! I hope your thoughts are positive, and something meaningful. If they aren't, start over and rethink! Okay? Why not, let's not dwell on 2009 and certainly not any year before that. I think we all need to move on, leave the past with its worst memories behind and begin, again. This includes the media because I am tired of hearing about how bad the Bush Administration has messed everything up and think that everybody needs to think about how we are going to get our economy back on track today. The things of the past cannot be undone or relieved. They are done! There is no need to play the blame game in the news or in our private life. It doesn't help anyone and it definitely does not improve the now.

My thoughts go to what I am going to do to better my life in general and how can I be a better person for 2010. With this in mind, I can think of a lot things which I know would definitely make my life more exciting and full of more blessing. Now, remember I am not necessarily taking about money....we decided already (not in this post) that money does not make us happy. It does contribute to it and it is wonderful not to worry about paying our bills, but money in no way brings happiness or fulfillment. Now that we have that out of the way...

I want to write more articles, read more articles and become more knowledgeable about many different things. I want to learn from other Infobarrel Authors and their experiences and gain information I have not until now been privileged to. Yes, I would love to make some money also, but I want to learn and earn my way to being a better author. I want to be a person who can accept today for what it is and not expect too much too soon. I want to be able to share my life with the people I love but not smoother them to death. I really need to possess the ability to "listen" more and especially before I "speak". I want to give away more, more of my time, more of my thoughts, more of myself to others. I am lacking in these areas and need to give more away...How about you? They say that part of the success we all want and need so badley is being able to give to other and that we have never really given until we give and have nothing to give. I believe that we need to give ourselves Some Life Thoughts.

Now here is the difference between you and me probably...some of you that is. Some totally give up their life for others.....please don't do that...you deserve a life too. I am finding out that life is too short as it is and here I am my age and I know that I do not have a much time as I used to have (maybe not even tomorrow) and it makes me sick I have wasted some of it. Everybody deserves a life of their own apart from everyone else. We all need a time for:

  • mediation or prayer
  • a time to read something
  • a time to relax
  • a time to just think
  • a time to take care of the body, the mind and the soul
  • a time to reflect
  • a time to remember
  • a time to forget
  • a time to be alone
  • a time to be with a friend
  • a time to buy something for you
  • a time to exercise
  • a time to eat more sensible
  • a time to get a check up

I am sure you can think of a lot more things you and I would like to find the time to do. I am going to start tonight. I hope you do.

Happy New Year and God Bless the USA!