Going green is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers and corporations to produce consumers with goods and services that are environmentally friendly. As automakers produce hybrid cars, and solar panel manufacturers providing housing energy upgrades, the IT companies too have got on the bandwagon and started producing eco-friendly desktops, software programs, and accessories.

Green Desktops
Traditional desktops used to consume a large amount of energy. In order to conserve energy, major IT manufacturers brainstormed green desktops. For example, Dell has created "Studio Hybrid," a power efficient desktop created for the consumer market. Green features featured on this hard drive are:

  • 80 percent smaller than standard desktops
  • 75 percent less printed documentation by weight compared to tower desktop
  • 70 percent less power than a traditional hard drive
  • Energy Star 5.0 standard with an 87 percent efficient power supply
  • Packaging made with less 95 percent recyclable materials

Mac Corporation took being environmental conscious one step further and put all their products through the "Apple Life Cycle Impact," a thorough analysis for all discharge associated with the assemblage of their goods, from start to finish. The company considers everything–from the raw material extraction, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, life period of its usage, to the recycling of the computer. 95 percent of Apple greenhouse gas emissions come from this process.

Energy Saving Software
There are also many green software programs free out in the Internet for users wanting to do their part for the environment, for example:

  • Edison: an easy, one-step setup software application created by Verdiem, to optimize computer power usage while running.
  • Aardvark: an extension software program for Firefox that adjusts the layout of a page and remove unwanted elements to help save ink and paper when printing from a browser.
  • GreenPrint: application for Windows save users ink and paper by removing unnecessary pages or space from printouts before it heads to the printer.

Power Efficient Accessories
Combining high-drain performance of older rechargeable batteries with a shelf life that can hold its charge for many months, the new hybrid Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) is best suited for low-drain devices, like digital cameras.

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