The GOP for years has made the issue of faith one of its central campaign issues. In fact, most GOP supporters would have you believe that words like “faith” and “family values” are synonymous with GOP.  Even now, the GOP is attempting to resolve the question of who possesses the faith to be the Republican Presidential Candidate.  At the center of the faith issue is Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney who continues to try to ease the discomfort some have about his Mormon faith and whether or not it is a “real” faith.

The GOP Presidential candidates would be wise to turn their attention instead to something other than if the Mormon faith is a Christian faith.  The Republican Party if they are smart would refrain from any and all discussions of faith unless they are ready to start those discussions by explaining how and why they became modern day “segregationists”.  Yes, you read it correctly; the GOP candidates and even the last group of Democratic Presidential candidates for that matter are all practicing segregationist.

Every Sunday for 52 weeks each year from 11am to 1pm, those who claim to represent the morals and values of this country willfully and voluntarily worship in a racially segregated or mostly racially segregated church.  At every Wednesday evening’s Bible study, the potential representative face of the American people worships God in a location made up of faces that look almost exclusively like theirs; in a word homogenous.   I am almost certain that there has never been a candidate who worships in a church that looks like the America they are campaigning to serve.

The GOP candidates like Democratic candidates before them all have the audacity to stand before the American people, prior to the start of most debates, reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” and being relatively clueless that many Americans know that these candidates are not living out the words of the “Pledge”.  When I hear the words “One nation under God indivisible…” I think of a people that are unified from and by their belief about God.  In this America, nothing could be further from the truth.

If this nation were truly one nation under God indivisible, would there be a need for so many faiths and denominations of those faiths?  If this nation were truly one nation under God, would the church that the potential leader of the free world attends be composed primarily of those who share the same skin pigmentation and/or socio economic standing?   A real nation, an authentic nation is one where any and all can be present in any “House of God” (church, synagogue, mosque, temple, etc.) and find a universal love, admiration and acceptance.   The GOP Presidential candidates like their Democratic Presidential candidate predecessors do not worship in such locations or in such a fashion.

If those campaigning to lead this Country cannot, do not, will not and /or choose not to worship the “One True God” in a setting that is racially and socio-economically diverse, how can they ever expect to be able to unify a racially and socio-economically diverse fractured nation?  The fact of the matter is that none of the candidates are capable of unifying this fractured nation because none understand that if you cannot worship God for just two measly hours a week with “We the People” and not just “Your People” you cannot convince the masses that America is truly one nation under God indivisible.  Worshipping the God you profess to believe in and follow with everyone regardless of race, creed, color or socio economic standing should be one of the easiest things to do but it is not done.  Instead America’s would be Presidential leaders and champions of faith continue their segregationist form of worship which only serves to further fracture this nation as evidenced by America’s long standing inability to resolve its “color issue” and its present day inability to resolve the growing issue of “socio-economic” disparity.

Faith is a great political talking point.  Faith is a great quality to espouse.  Faith is an even greater quality when it is lived.  The Bible, in the book of James, teaches that “faith without works is dead”.  

America could use a leader of faith; a leader who not only espouses faith but has deeds which accompany that faith.  When a candidate appears who worships the “One God” with and alongside all of the recognized racial and ethnic groups: White, American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander this is a candidate who might be worth hearing discuss faith.  When a candidate appears who worships the “One God” with and alongside all of the various socio-economic classes and structures: wealth, income, education, occupation, social membership this is a candidate who might be able to credibly discuss faith.

Unfortunately, as it currently stands, neither the GOP Presidential candidates nor the Democratic Presidential candidates before them provides America with a candidate worthy of proclaiming faith as an electable issue.  So until either party can present a candidate who worships with the heterogeneous pigment of America and who will by combination of their words and deeds be actionably empathetic with all socio economic groups of this country, both parties would be better served removing faith as an issue.  Instead of simply professing faith, the GOP and Democrats alike should simply continue doing what has worked throughout the history of elections; ask Americans to put their faith in them while they make promises to the American people that they never intend to keep.

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