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If you display AdSense on your Blog or Website you will know Google have a strict set of terms and conditions (T.O.S.). Like most sets of terms and conditions it is in general full of the usual legal jargon so most people click 'I accept' and move on, they think "if there was anything significant it would be part of the sign up process."

However the AdSense T.O.S. does contain a few curve balls and more requirements can be added at any time, the Website Privacy Policy requirement falls into that category.

This is a quote from the AdSense Blog a few months ago :

"We've also added some specific requirements that make it necessary for publishers to post and abide by a transparent privacy policy that users see. According to this policy, publishers must notify their users of the use of cookies and/or web beacons to collect data in the ad serving process. This change relates to advertisers' use of innovative products and features like Gadget Ads and other offerings in the future."
Privacy Policy Adsense

Did you know a Privacy Policy is required?

You're not alone, most AdSense publishers I talk to had no idea. Even if you have a Blogger or Wordpress blog the Policy is required.

But there is no need to panic or think "How do i even start to write a Website Privacy Policy for my site" because the Good people at Serprank have created one for you.

A privacy policy is only (rather like the AdSense T.O.S.) a document that covers you legally and all Policy's are almost the same they just include a different URL and Email and with that in mind Serprank created the privacy policy generator.

w we know we need one and we know what it is, let's get you one.

This is very easy and as in the title will take you 30 seconds !

Step 1. Go to the Serprank Privacy Policy Generator : Click Here To Open In A New Window

Step 2. Fill out the details required :

â–ºSite URL : The address or your blog or website

â–ºEmail Address : Enter the Email associated with your site or just your main Email

â–ºUse of Cookies : The chances are you are not directly collecting Cookies but i clicked Yes anyway, Why not ?

â–ºAdvertiser Information : Considering you have got to this point of the point I can presume you use AdSense, just tick any other Advertisers you use.

Click 'Create My Privacy Policy' and you will get your complete policy.

Add the Privacy Policy To Your Site.

Now you can create a new page for your website or a new post for your blog and copy your new policy into it.If you have a Blog you will be able to back-date the post a few months so it does not show up in your recent posts or on your homepage.

If you need more help with your website privacy policy or have something to add just leave a comment below,

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Paul Crowe.