It is very important for people to feel like they have a purpose in life. your purpose in life maybe very simple such as raising your kids to be fruitful members of society or your goal may be much more complex such as working to find a cure for cancer. Regardless of your purpose in life, at least you know what your purpose is. Many people meander through life never understanding what their purpose should is.

Regardless of how unimportant you think you are to society it is vital to understand that everybody has importance and society. What are your goals in life? What are your passions in life? What kind of world you want to leave for future generations? Are you contributing to society in a positive way?

Thai StyleCredit: Flickr/peace6x

Contributing to society in a positive way can help you to find your importance in life. If you leave a large carbon footprint, club baby seals, and are a serial killer when you're not contributing to Society in a positive way. Fortunately most of us are not serial killers and don't have the heart to club baby seals. What many of us do though is leaving much larger carbon footprint that is necessary. This may seem relatively unimportant in the overall scheme of things what it really is not. If we don't work covered saving our planet then we will literally destroy it and civilization as we know it will end. All record of our existence as a society here on earth will be wiped clean. regardless of what your purposes in life are it is also vital that you literally" do your part to save the earth"

One of the easiest ways that you can help to what were your carbon footprint is by easing into a vegetarian diet. Climate changed is often debated for political reasons but the truth is in the science. If you move to a vegetarian style of eating it will cut down an astronomical amount of our personal carbon footprint and this will help everyone in society, both today and in the future. Finding positive ways to make a contribution to society is available to everyone, regardless of your socio-economic status.

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