Five Easy Tricks That Keep Holiday Pounds Off

Across America

It’s that time of the year. Summer’s activities and vacations are now distant memories. We count them with each cascade of the autumn’s remainder as it slowly falls to Earth, recycled for the spring renewal. Our hopes and attentions dare say apprehension, now turn to the Holidays. Soon the parade of gluttony will pipe by, summoning legions to attention and the caloric circus that is the Holiday vacation. The relatives will gather. We will welcome each other and join hands at the dinner table where stress levels will slowly rise matched only by our caloric intake.

“Wow, what a nice sweater Aunt Kate,” one utters obviously as Aunt Kate makes her way to the side table where a sprawl of dessert dishes awaits her arrival. With the mandatory two plates of turkey and dressing polished off; you find little problem overlooking the fact that Kate wore that same blue, cable-knitted, snowflake sweater last year. That gravy stain crowning the sweater’s upper, snow crystal – just roll with your bad self, Kate. Kate’s banana pudding and pecan pie are legend! “Of course, I’ll have both,” is the reply as she scrapes the smattering of whipped topping clinging to the plastic wrapping off, heaping it back on the pudding dish.  

So it goes across America for millions of households. Rinse and repeat for Christmas and New Years. With all the madness that is the Holiday food fest, pure culinary pornography, one wonders how any American escapes the season without adding to their waistline? The short answer is that many don’t. Holiday pounds are the physical remainders of these days to come. But take heart ye ladies and gentlemen of impending mirth, with an open mind and honest heart these five easy tricks will help any with their Holiday weight management goals.

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Already Active, Stick with It

This is probably the easiest tip. If you’re currently engaged in an exercise program, don’t take a break from it. Many are the people who spend all year getting fit only to fall victim to the Holiday break mentality. Don't be a victim. Keep your activity level up. Many times the travel schedule that the Holidays impose breaks an established exercise regimen. Try the best you can to adapt and modify what you’re currently doing to fit your schedule as best you can. Yes, this means you might just have to go down to the local mall and walk laps indoors because it’s snowing at Aunt Kate’s, but do it! It doesn’t take long to break a habit, but one of the hardest things to establish is a healthy habit. Don’t commit the “But It’s the Holidays” sin. What’s that? Read on.

'Tis the Season-Don't Buy Into the Hype

From obligatory office parties to friendly gatherings, there will be plenty of seasonal caloric creep. Control your celebration by being specific about which parties you will attend. You probably already know about most of the parties that lie ahead. Decide which you will attend. Stick to that schedule. Realize that a major portion of Holiday weight gain comes from the increase in hollow calorie intake through sweets and alcohol consumption. Look, the actual Holiday feast days are going to throw enough your way, don’t go adding ad-lib happy hours with festive co-workers to the schedule. Also, keep those hands in your pockets as you pass by that overflowing candy dish in reception.

Management Not Loss

Being a Guest Is Better Than Host

Two of the biggest enemies to anyone paying attention to Holiday weight management are stress and calories. This section title just about says it all. When it comes to increased stress as well as increased calories, both things we need less of; hosting the Holiday feast is always going to get you more of both. So take advantage of Aunt Kate’s offer. Add eating at her Holiday celebration to that schedule you’re making. By doing this you can take control of your stress exposure through being able to extract from the situation on your own timeline. Besides, as we all get older we will quickly realize that the numbers of invitations to eat at auntie’s are probably limited. The other bonus of taking to the road, the feast’s left-overs which only lead to increased caloric intake over time aren’t hanging around your home for the days.

Buck Tradition

This sounds much more daunting than it truly is, but the sky really is the limit here. So you’ve decided to host the Holiday dinner. Good, now buck tradition. This sounds more dramatic than it really is. You could do something as simple as tweak the meal to include a healthy substitute such as wheat rolls over white rolls. Make enough of these minor adjustments and you’re well on your way to lessening the overall caloric toll the feast will take. Expand your mind a bit and include a green starter salad to the meal. Flare for the dramatic? Push the limit and serve a lighter seafood based meal instead of the traditional gravy-soaked ham and turkey main courses.


Control That Which You Can, Yourself

This is clearly the hardest of these five tricks, but the most important when it comes to any type of management, but especially Holiday weight management. Regardless of where or what you eat, no one will be holding a gun to your head commanding you to take the next bite. Yes, we all decide for ourselves to take the next bite. This realization is critical, but realization alone isn’t enough. Putting self-control to practice is the hard part. A Holiday weight management trick that works is to concentrate on eating only a single portion. Portion control is a weight management fundamental. For some this is impossible. For those that simply cannot eat one plate, change it a bit. Eat a single portion from each dish. Typical American Holiday feasts often include enough different dishes that it’s impossible to sample a little of each with a single plate. So satisfy the urge for that second plate, but make sure you take a helping of something you haven’t already tasted. You might be surprised to find that satisfying the total palate will be more filling.

Happy Holidays

These are five Holiday weight management tricks that anyone can put to good use. Granted, some are easier than others, but there’s at least one or two of these tricks anyone can put to good use and stave off some unwanted holiday poundage. Lastly, enjoy your Holidays and remember that your goal of Holiday weight management is not weight loss. After all, isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are all about?