How To Jumpstart Your Fitness Routine

New Years Resolution Solution

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If you have recently been contemplating your New Years Resolution to get in shape but can't quite find the motivation to begin, here are some ideas about how to jumpstart your fitness routine.

While good intentions are certainly needed in order to begin a fitness programme, motivation and determination are what will sustain it for the long haul. How many times should I have to make the same resolution before I can say that I've actually accomplished it? Well, once ideally but that often isn't the case.

I will share with you my secret to beginning my fitness routine after years of not doing any exercise whatsoever. One year ago, I found myself with very poor eating habits - overeating, lots of sweets, no idea how much I was consuming, eating because I was stressed out or bored...the list goes on. On top of this, I wasn't active at all. I went to work, walked around a bit and came home to sit on the couch.

I wanted a change. I didn't know where that change would take me other than someplace else and that was fine since I didn't like the place I was at.

So, on with the story...I decided to begin with something small. I had a full-time job, a house, kids and a dog so I did not have a lot of time. The fact is, I learned to make time for my workouts but that comes much later. My plan was to do 10 minutes of exercise per day. I felt that it should be each day so that I could develop it into a routine and would have an easier time sticking to it. I bought some magazines - like any sort of health and fitness or lifestyle magazine - that contained a regular column featuring 10 minute circuit exercises. I cut them out and slipped them into clear plastic page holders. I gathered what I would need which was often a couple of light hand weights or nothing at all. I dug through my drawers to find some stretchy clothing and I was ready to begin.

Right after work, I would change into running shoes, yoga pants and a T-shirt and set the alert on my phone to sound after 10 minutes. I grabbed a workout page (I started with about 5 taken from various magazines) and began. I would continue through the suggested exercises and reps for the full 10 minutes. Most were resistance exercises with about 30 seconds of cardio between sets but there were always modifications suggested to make it easier or harder depending on your fitness level.

And you're done!

I continued practising this routine until it became a habit - that is, I got to the point where it was part of my day to do this workout. I hardly had a day when I didn't do it because I could convince myself that 10 minutes was very short and would be over in a flash. I would recommend beginning this way if you suffer from lack of exercise motivation or often start a long, drawn-out fitness routine that fizzles out after a short time. I know that, personally, if I had to face an hour at the gym each day, I never would hardly ever go.

Where this small step takes you, I cannot predict but it has been my key to beginning - and continuing - a daily exercise routine for a full year now. Hopefully it will jumpstart your new fitness routine and bring you success at last.