No Way Out-P Diddys Most Successful Album

No Way Out can easily be considered P Diddy's Most Successful album, and turned him from a star to a superstar. It is filled with amazing songs that P Diddy collaborated with the rap industry's most well known and talented producers and artists. P Diddy's album entitled No Way Out includes 5 hit singles that had peaked the billboard charts immediately upon release; moreover, the No Way Out album secured the number 1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 list for multiple weeks. No Way Out had skyrocketed P Diddy's career immediately upon its release; the critics and fans loved absolutely every aspect of this album, and its success definitely reflected this fact.

Impact On His Career

No Way Out had a huge impact on P Diddy's career both as a rapper and a producer. As you can see in the track listing, P Diddy was a co-producer in almost every single song with at least one other producer from his company entitled Bad Boy Records. Prior to the release of No Way Out, P Diddy was simply another rapper and producer trying his hardest to make it in the rap industry; however, his No Way Out abum took those skills and talent that he had acquired over the years, and showcased them for all of the public to hear! His production and rapping skills were exemplified through No Way Out, and the fans absolutely loved it; this album impacted his career in great ways, and is a contributing factor to his astonishing net worth, which can be seen on the list of The Top 5 Richest Rappers.

Album Sales

No Way Out's proof of success is its near record-breaking sale. P Diddy's No Way Out sold 560,000 copies merely in the first week. The album also went 4 times platinum within the first 6 months of its release; this statement would even drop the jaws of the most famous artists in the rap industry. Above all, it sold nearly 7 million copies in the United States alone! With phenomenal sales numbers like that, it is no wonder that No Way Out turned P Diddy from a minor name in the rap game, to one of the biggest names that the rap industry has ever seen.

Hit Singles

Although P Diddy's No Way Out was jam packed with amazing songs, 4 of them happened to make it onto the billboard charts. These 4 hit singles of No Way Out are respectively Can't Nobody Hold Me Down, I'll Be Missing You, It's All About The Benjamins, Been Around The World. These songs blended an amazing beat with P Diddy and the featured artists' astonishing sound and lyrics. This combination of beat and lyrics produced songs that were bound to make it to the top of the charts. These hit singles on No Way Out could commonly be heard in nightclubs and radio stations everywhere; moreover, they can still be heard in nightclubs and radio stations currently, nearly 10 years later! No Way Out had 4 songs that could be considered hit singles; they were beautifully blended, and have definitely contributed to the success of the album.

Track Listing

1. No Way Out (Intro)


Produced By: Steven Jordan

2. Victory


Produced By: Sean Combs & Steven Jordan

Featuring: Notorious B.I.G & Busta Rhymes

3. Been Around The World


Produced By:Sean Combs, Deric Angelettie, & Ron Lawrence

Featuring: Notorious B.I.G & Mase

4. What You Gonna Do?


Produced By: Sean Combs, Ron Lawrence, & Nashiem Myrick

5. Don't Stop What You're Doing


Produced By: Sean Combs & Ron Lawrence

Featuring: Lil' Kim

6. If I Should Die Tonight (Interlude)


Produced By: Sean Combs & Jeffery Walker

Featuring: Carl Thomas

7. Do You Know?


Produced By: Sean Combs & Deric Angelettie

Featuring: Kelly Price

8. Young G's


Produced By: Rashad Smith

Featuring: Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z, & Kelly Price

9. I Love You Baby


Produced By: Sean Combs & Ron Lawrence

Featuring: Black Rob

10. It's All About The Benjamins (Remix)


Produced By: Sean Combs & Deric Angelettie

Featuring: Notorious B.I.G, The L.O.X, & Lil' Kim

11. Pain


Produced By: Sean Combs & Nashiem Myrick

Featuring: Carl Thomas

12. Is This The End?


Produced By: Sean Combs & Steven Jordan

Featuring: Carl Thomas, Ginuwine, & Twista

13. I Got The Power


Produced By: Sean Combs & Big Jaz

Featuring: The L.O.X

14. Friend


Produced By: Seam Combs & Steve Jordan

Featuring: Foxy Brown & Simone Hines

15. Senorita


Produced By: Sean Combs & Yogi

16. I'll Be Missing You


Produced By: Sean Combs & Steven Jordan

Featuring: Faith Evans & 112

17. Can't Nobody Hold Me Down


Produced By: Sean Combs, Steven Jordan, Carlos Broady, & Nashiem Myrick

Featuring: Mase

P Diddy's No Way Out greatly contributed to his success as a rapper and producer; it can easily be considered his most successful album ever released. Its popularity skyrocketed, and a phenomenal amount of albums were sold because of this. No Way Out allowed P Diddy to collaborate with the most popular artists and producers in the rap industry at the time; furthermore, because of this, he was able to showcase his talent and dedication. Through this showcase he managed to sell millions of albums, and gain popularity and reputation. P Diddy is now one of the top 5 richest rappers, and No Way Out has definitely contributed to this status through being his most successful album. Pick yourself up a copy of P Diddy's most successful album at a discounted price from