What to do when you have no energy or motivation. Do you ever see these super energetic, motivated successful people, maybe some of them are your friends or family members. You also want the money, success and status they have but you just can't seem to do anything about it. You know it takes effort, but you can't make the effort and you don't even know how to where to start yet alone get yourself motivated. Ever just thought to yourself - "I have no motivation to do anything".

Maybe you didn't always feel this way, the lack of energy and motivation just kinda creeped up on you. Well at least you are searching online for answers, which is probably how you got to read this article, so well done for taking the first step.

Let's look first at the possible reasons why you are not feeling like yourself.


NEETS stands for someone who is "not in education, employment or training". It's a phrase first used in the UK but the phrase, or something similar is now used in China, South Korea and Japan. In Japan, they are also called FREETERS. Freeters tend to be male, aged between 16 and 34 who don't have full time jobs and are not students nor full time housewives either. They may include people who have the occasional freelance work but more often than not, that barely covers the bills.


Neets and Freeters might also be suffering from 'social phobia', 'social anxiety' or 'social avoidance behavior'. To put it simply, they are painfully shy and try to avoid social contact. Is that you? Are you too shy to meet anyone? Prefer to hole yourself up in your bedroom with only your computer and the internet for company? In Japan, this type of social isolation has been linked to the phenomenon known as 'hikikomori' which means 'pulling away' or 'being confined'. This refers to people who completely withdraw from what we might call 'normal' social groups or activity. Hikikomori is seen as a reaction against the workaholic nature of Japanese salarymen in the 70s and 80s. Again it tends to affect more males than females


Perhaps you are suffering from a mild to serious case of depression. Suffering from depression is not the same as having a mild case of the blues. If you have depression, it's hard to simply 'pull your socks up' and get over it. The symptoms of depression include a sad, empty or anxious mood, feelings of uselessness, hopelessness and pessimism. There may be sleep problems such as the need to oversleep or insomnia, a difficulty in concentrating, a restlessness and grumpiness and perhaps constant physical ailments such as headaches, body pain or stomach disorders. If you think you are suffering from depression, please go and see your local medical practitioner for advice. Left untreated, depression may go on for weeks, months and even years and may lead to alcohol and drug abuse amongst others.


So how can you get yourself motivated? First, don't beat yourself up, not everyone has a perfect checklist of personal goals they are simply ticking off. It's okay to go through a lazy phase once in a while as long as it isn't taking a toil on your health, work and relationships.


Try to do one small thing a day. It can be really small. For example, maybe your bedroom is a mess. Try and clean one drawer or one desktop surface today. That's all. And tomorrow, go set another goal. Or try to go for a 15 minute walk around the block. That's all, just 20 minutes. And maybe tomorrow, you could try 2o minutes. Set a small daily goal, don't worry if the goal seems pointless, you're just getting into the habit of action and achievement. The actual task itself is not important.


One of the reasons why we have no motivation to do anything is because we feel it's pointless. We will never be as slim, rich, famous, successful, skilled, happy, pretty, sexy, ripped or stylish as our friends. Ever feel there's no point because you can't win? Life is not a contest, it's not a race. Everyone has the same minutes in the day, and everyone is going to die at some point. That's the only truth. So live how you want to live and do not try to judge yourself against anyone else. Besides, the slim, rich, successful, happy, pretty, sexy, stylish or ripped are not necessarily happy.


Routine can really kill energy and motivation. The vicious cycle of daily life and slowly grind you down. Try to make changes to your routine. Even if it's something simple like taking a different route to work, or walking somewhere instead of taking public transport.


Try writing down how you're feeling. Buy a nice notebook and write down whatever comes into your head. Read it out loud ~ maybe you're realise how ridiculous it sounds, or maybe it will give you a fresh perspective and insight.


You might want to seek professional advice. If you're stuck in a career rut, you might be surprised at how effective career counsellors can be. If you're feeling unhealthy or have sleep problems, you could visit a health or sleep clinic. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) is an established technique to help you re-program your thoughts from the automatically negative ones to automatically positive thoughts. Find an NLP expert near you by doing an internet search. Getting help for your lack of motivation might only be one click away.