The pivotal third game of the Stanley Cup final could produce more memorable moments.

Like most hockey fans, the quest for the Stanley Cup is one of the most entertaining moments of the entire year.  The year-long grind for hockeys holy grail will come to fruition within the next week and a half and many people are left wondering:

Who will get bitten next?

Yes, as often is the case, a sideshow antic can take away from the climatic finish to the final.  However, hockey is clearly a sport with substance.  One storyline can take a game to a new height it had never seen before.  The Stanley Cup is the reward for these storylines.

Many people are fuming (most notably the Boston Bruins), that Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows was not suspended or disciplined for biting the finger of Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron during game one of the best of seven Stanley Cup Final.  After the NHL had reviewed the incident, they determined that there was no 'substantial' evidence to label Burrows with the biting accusation.  The garnered the wrath of the Bruins, their fans, as well as Vancouver Canucks detractors as video evidence would dictate that the biting had taken place.  Not to mention that Burrows scored the overtime winning goal eleven seconds into extended time to crush the Bruins.

However, the antics did not stop there.

Vancouver Canucks forward Maxim Lapierre proceeded to approach Bruins forward Bergeron on the ice and offer his finger in an insulting manner to further irritate Bergeron and his teammates.  Bruins head coach Claude Julien (who coached Lapierre in his rookie playing season) had called him out publicly stating that he had "disrespected" the National Hockey League with this antic.

These type of moments may seem abnormal to the average fan, but hockey is an emotional game and many things occur on the ice that can incite an opposing team. 

Special moments can also inspire a team.

Vancouver Canucks forward Manny Malholtra made his triumphant return in game two of the Stanley Cup Final.  Malholtra had been on the disabled list since March with an eye injury that threatened both his sight and his playing career.  Malholtra returned to the Canucks lineup in his home rink to a standing ovation from the crowd.  This type of emotional sparked a brilliant game by the Canucks as they took a commanding two games to none lead over the Bruins.

So, what will the next storyline be?  We will know tonight.