A no surgery face lift with natural ingredients and exercises will save you quite a bit of money. Why get a surgery face lift when you can give yourself a natural face lift for very little, to no money at all? Spending thousands of dollars on surgical face lifts is not only expensive, but the potential risks of tissue scarring, infections, and poor results can be enough to scare you straight. Of course every cosmetic surgeon will tell you that face lifts when done under their procedure come will provide less risk. No thanks, there are natural ways to give yourself a face lift that doesn't require surgery. No surgery face lift procedures required when using natural products. Natural face lift masks and natural face lift exercises that will help you achieve the tighter skin and the youthful look that you desire. There are plenty of ways to give yourself a younger appearance, and it doesn't need to be done with cosmetic surgery.

A no surgery face lift with natural products and face lift exercises actually do work without the potential risk factors that comes with surgery face lifts. Don't believe the hype that surgical face lifts are your only way to reassuring a more youthful look. I've listed some natural face lift masks and natural face lift exercises that can help provide a tighter, younger, and healthier look to your face. A no surgery face lift that doesn't include botox, thermage, or any other cosmetic procedure face lifts out on the market. Just natural methods that won't cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. These no surgery face lift methods are used with homemade ingredients, or very cheap but effective products out on the market for face exercises. Surgery face lifts, botox, or other non-surgical face lifts might work, but wouldn't you rather choose the safe, and cheaper alternatives first?

Natural face lift masks

Egg white face mask - This is my favorite no surgery face lift mask that will instantly tighten skin pores. Yes it really works instantly, but it's more of a temporary method. You'll have to apply routinely along with facial exercises to experience the long-term effects of a younger and tighter face. Take one egg, crack it open, only apply the egg white to a small plastic cup. Mix in a teaspoon of lemon juice. Lemon is known to help tighten skin pores, and it also contains a good amount of vitamin C to help rejuvenate skin cells. Apply to your entire face, even get the neck too. Keep it on your face for at least 20 minutes before washing with warm water. Within that time frame you'll feel your face tighten. Egg whites with the combination of lemon juice really brings out your skin's complexion as well. Try it and you'll love the instant face lift and appearance it gives.

Honey face mask with almond oil - Apply about 1/4th a cup of raw honey, with a combined mixture of a tablespoon of almond oil and a teaspoon of vitamin E oil. These combined natural ingredients will tighten skin pores, and rejuvenate skin cells. No surgery required and these ingredients contain anti-inflammatory properties and high amounts of antioxidants to reduce wrinkles. Vitamin E oil can help fade skin scarring as well. Apply to the face and neck. Leave the combination of honey, almond oil, and vitamin E oil on your face for about half an hour before washing with warm water.

Strawberry face mask - Strawberry face masks can bring out the natural color complexion in your face, while tightening skin pores and reducing jowls. Vitamin C is a anti-aging vitamin largely found in majority of anti-aging creams. Strawberries contain a high amount of vitamin C. Apply about four or five strawberries in a food processor. You can add a teaspoon of vitamin E oil, and lemon juice as well. Or any other natural ingredients that you like. Apply to the entire face and leave it on for about 30 minutes, followed by a thorough wash with warm water.

Cucumber and egg whites - Blend a couple of cucumbers into a food processor. Add in one egg white. The combination of egg whites and cucumber can help treat blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots, and tighten skin pores. Leave on your face for about 15-20 minutes. Then wash with warm water.

Blueberry and honey face mask - You won't find a fruit with as many antioxidants as blueberries. Good amounts of antioxidants help fight off free radical attacks, and replenish the skin's natural look. So a blueberry mask should help lift skin pores and apply a firmer skin to your appearance. Apply about 1/4 a cup of blueberries into a food processor, combined with a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of vitamin E oil. All three high antioxidant ingredients to help provide a natural face lift. Again, leave it on for about 15-20 minutes, then wash with warm water.

*note these natural face lift masks work greatly with the combination of healthy antioxidant diets and facial exercises that I've listed below*

Natural face lift exercises

Double chin face lift exercise - You can get a rid of a double chin and loose skin with these facial exercises. The natural and safer method. One simple and easy double chin face lift exercise is tilting your head back, and keeping your lips pursed, then make a chewing motion. Then place your palm hand directly under your chin, giving it some resistance. It works wonders if you stay with it! It's an effective exercise to help tighten skin on the lower part of your face, along with tightening your jaw line and loose neck skin.

If you're not finding much success trying double chin face exercises, and you've done enough of them that you're not seeing the results you'd like, then you can consider purchasing some double chin exercise products out on the market. The velform chin wrap and neckline slimmer are two relatively cheap products to try. The velform chin wrap helps to give you a tighter jaw line, and removes a double chin. The neckline slimmer is similar where it can removes jowls, loose skin around the neck, and develops a firmer jaw line. You can find both products on ebay and amazon.

Tighter cheek and jowl exercises - Everyone wants to get rid of jowls, and let's face it, that's once of the obvious signs of aging. No surgery is required to remove jowls or chubby cheeks. A no surgery face lift can be done effectively with numerous exercise products, or facial exercises done freestyle. One easy method that helps tighten cheeks is smiling as wide as you can, then taking the index and middle finger and pushing against your cheeks. You'll instantly feel the resistance and tightness of your cheek muscles.

Another easy cheek exercise is making what I call the blow fish face. Where you suck in your cheeks, pucker you lips, and do this repeatedly. Instantly you'll feel your cheek muscles tighten up when doing this. Your face just needs exercise, healthy eating habits, a few natural face lifts and you should in no time see a much firmer and youthful facial appearance.