Nokia Lumia 900 – Cheapest Windows Phone Ever $100

Smartphones running Android are very popular and any new device that pops out is often compared to the mighty Apple iPhone. There is a lot of speculation about the forthcoming Apple iPhone 5. That is still for the future. For now, it is all about Microsoft and Nokia trying to get a foot into the competitive world of Smartphones. The new Nokia Lumia 900 has been touted to be the best thing since slice bread. That said, is it really so?


One of the things that will strike many is the price of the new Nokia Lumia. It will cost you a staggering $100. That is cheaper than the rival iPhone. That is not all, you will need an AT&T subscription in order to get your Smartphone for that price.  It is also very big. That is to say, it comes in at 4.3-inch. That is very good when you compare it to the iPhone4 3.5-inhc. By the way, rumor has it that the new iPhone will be just as big as the Nokia Lumia 900.

This device will give you 16GB internal storage capacity. That is pretty good as you will get the feeling that you have a little tablet PC for a fraction of the price. The Lumia 900 will be running on the Windows Phone 7.5 also known as (Mango). Sometimes, you wonder who invents the name of these products. The same goes for the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). You will not get full high definition with this phone but 720p is good enough.

If you are interested in downloading a lot of apps to your device, you will have an ample choice to choose from the Windows Market.


Unlike other phone manufacturers giving you a choice between Black and White, the Nokia Lumia 900 comes with an additional color, Blue. That must have been an idea from some Microsoft product manager.

Social Media

Nokia Lumia 900 is built with social media in mind. You will be easily able to update and consult your Facebook and Twitter profiles. That is an added bonus for those who are addicted to both sites.

You get the feeling that this is going to be an interesting device from both Nokia and Microsoft. It doesn’t have the same user base as its Android and Apple competitors but it is definitely worth looking into. Paying just a $100 with your subscription is a nice way to get a great easy to use Smartphone.