What functions does the new Nokia X6 mobile phone have?

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone is a very popular Nokia touchscreen phone, however the new X6 has been released and has quickly over shadowed its predecessor. Although the X6 doesn't break down any amazing barriers and the 5800 is still a good phone, the newer X6 gives you plenty of reasons to want an upgrade.

Capacitive Touchscreen

The 5800 was a great phone but was vastly let down by its touchscreen. The X6 on the other hand has a new capacitive touchscreen, a much more responsive technology, as well as this it has a new sleeker design.

With the Nokia Symbian operating system, the X6 is still not the most user friendly phone around. Some options only need a tap to process while others will need a double tap. It may seem small but it can certainly get irritating.

With the Nokia 5800 you would need to apply pressure to the screen with your finger of stylus, with the new capacitive touchscreen on the X6 this is not the case. However there are still some improvements to be made with the screen. This phone is no where near the slowest phone I have used, however at times you couldn't help but think it could be slightly faster.


With a whopping 32GB of space and the Nokia music service you can spend a year filling the phone up with your favorite songs and artists. Once your free year with Nokia Comes With Music is up you get to keep the tracks even if you don't renew it, although you can not listen to the music on other players because of the added DRM.

For those who have experience with the Nokia music software for getting music on and off your phone with your PC, you will be happy to know that a newer version is out that is an improvement on the previous. Named Nokia Ovi Suite, much like iTunes this software is pretty good. Keeping the phone synced is straightforward and downloading tunes to your library was easy. You can even keep your phone synced with Bluetooth, which makes life a whole lot easier, although the USB cable can be used for those without Bluetooth on their laptops or PC's. For those on the go you can even download music straight to your phone.

The Nokia X6, much like the 5800, comes with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing you to use any headphones you wish. The audio quality is OK but nothing to write home about, even when using expensive headphones. There is also a problem with the audio levels, it changes from too quiet to too loud very quickly.