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Weight loss programs comes a plenty.  Each program is claiming as most effective and just right for everybody.  However, most of these programs do not work successfully.  One of the reasons why, is that these programs are subjected to several restrictions and limitations that users find it very hard to comply to begin with.  Thus, fat or obese people and those with complex and complicated health conditions want a weight loss program with lesser restrictions and are not incongruent with their health and medical requirements.  This is why Food Lover’s Diet and Glycemic Index Diet are gaining fast in terms of popularity. Let us take a look why.

Food Lover’s Diet Program

One of the key indicators for a successful weight loss program is compliance.  Food Lover’s Diet answers this aspect with an easy to follow diet program that is virtually restriction free.    The features of this program assure that a participant can achieve the figure desired permanently, can eat any food they want, will not be forced with calorie inhibitions, and will not need to patronize exclusive products like most of other weight loss programs in the market. 

How it works?  The objective of the program is very simple and that is to increase your metabolism rate.  This explains why you can still indulge into your favorite food and never mind counting the calories. Another interesting feature of Food Lover’s Diet weight loss program is that exercise is not mandatory even if it does include a workout DVD.  It is a natural weight loss regimen since it does not prescribe pills that are very often dangerous to your health. 

With regards to the duration that you need to follow for the Food Lover’s Diet Program, it will be dependent on several factors such as gender, age, lifestyle, and of course weight loss reduction numbers.  One must bear in mind that there is no such thing as quick loss solutions to reduce weight.  Therefore, you must be patient with regard to results.

Glycemic Index Diet Plan

Another issue that most diet program needs to contend with is weight reduction methods that will not expose dieters to health and medical risks.  It must be noted that some weight loss programs do provide results but often with a trade off in return such as heart complications.  Glycemic Index Diet ensures weight reduction customers that the program will not increase health and medical complications.  This is because this program was initially formulated for diabetic patients and was found out to work well in terms of weight loss.

How does it work?  The plan is very simple.  Each food is assigned with a Glycemic index (GI) and is categorized from low, medium, and high.  When you begin the Glycemic Index Diet, it is recommended for you to start first with low GI food first and once your body has adjusted and is balanced already, you can begin to include food with medium GI. Food in the high GI category is to be taken cautiously and with reservation.  The basic principle of Glycemic Index Diet is to regulate blood sugar levels so that the individual will not be exposed to health and medical complications while reducing weight.

So, if you have problems complying with restrictions and limitations of several weight loss programs, then these two simple diet plans may work for you.