Smartphones are extremely popular nowadays. For some people, it is necessary to obtain one due to the position they hold at work. Phones in general were intentionally made for communication purposes. Our generation is moving beyond that. We are entering a whole new and different technological stage. A smartphone will basically enable you to surf the internet, web browsing, checking e-mails and so much more! In addition to that, smartphones also posses Wifi which lets you use the internet as long as you are in a hotspot zone. One of the issues that hinders people from purchasing the required data plan for smartphones is the costly fee. So, are there any non-smartphones that allows you to use the internet without the data charges? The answer is yes. Most of these phones are not branded and are not under the AT&T company. Some of them are only available in countries outside of the United States.

1. Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

NOKIA X3(72482)Credit: NOKIA X3This Nokia phone has been released since September of 2010. It has a resistive type of touchscreen and up to 256k display colors. It is available in Asian, African and South America. You may find it on online store websites. This is primarily Nokia’s first touchscreen cellphone.












2. Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type

phone(72481)The Nokia C3-01 is basically just an upgraded and newer version of the Nokia x3-02 Type and Touch. It was released on October of 2010 with the same number of display colors and touchscreen type. This is available in the U.S.










3. Samsung S8000 Jet

smasung jetThis feature cellphone has been released on June of 2009. It contains 16M display colors and a resistive touchsreen with no QWERTY keyboard. The internal storage can store up to 8 gigabytes of memory and it also contains a videocall camera. The camera quality is descent and size of the screen makes it very handy and can easily fit in a regular pants pocket.








lg ego(72484)This small cellphone has a plastic exterior case with an LG interface. Just like a smartphone, it has multiple home screens that you can fill with widgets. It does not contain an app store however. It has a resistive touchscreen and offers both 3g and Wifi connectivity.











These feature phones would allow you to have the accessibility of using the internet without paying for the data plan. Be careful though, even if it is unlocked or unbranded, AT&T has the power to detect whether you are using a smartphone and will automatically add the data plan with a warning or unbeknownst to you.


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