Non Alcoholic Drinks

Mocktail  Canadian Shirley Temple Non alcoholic Beverage

Non-alcoholic beverages are drinks with less than .05% alcohol in them. It is easy to mistake a non-alcoholic drink for one that does not have any alcohol at all in it. For many of the alcohol free drinks this is the case (zero alcohol content), but for non-alcoholic beers and wines there is a small amount of alcohol left behind by the process that removes the alcohol. Because of the minute amount of alcohol, it is illegal in many states for those under age 21 to purchase, possess, or drink them. Even though it is said that it would take more non-alcohol beers than you could actually consume in order to get a buzz or any level of intoxication from them, they are still illegal. As well, they are a potential danger for those who are in recovery from substance addiction, particularly alcohol. Some think that it is alright to drink non-alcoholic beverages and others argue that it is unhealthy and unsafe, mainly because when any amount of alcohol gets into the brain of someone once dependent then it can restart a biological process. So, it seems it may be best for some to stick to the zero alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, such as ginger ale, Shirley Temples, soda pop, and best of all, water.


Mocktails are the name given to cocktails without alcohol. When you are at the bar or tavern and do not want to order a drink with alcohol in it then you can order a non-alcoholic mocktail. There are many different types of mocktails. Usually a mocktail is made by removing the alcohol and replacing it with either the exact same ingredients minus alcohol or adding a dash of some other flavoring. Mocktails can taste just as good as the alcohol counterparts, and better yet drinking them will not get your license revoked for driving under the influence. Mocktails are excellent to serve at holiday functions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, New Year's Eve, and other parties and gatherings where you would normally have regular drinks. Those looking for a simple non-alcohol drink for Christmas can try Egg Nog. Since Egg Nog can be fattening try buying the light version. If you don't do that then you can mix it with regular milk. Shake it up and then pour it out. Add cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Non-alcoholic beverages are good for using at baby showers, weddings, parties, and any other times that you would traditionally think to serve alcoh0l. There are many types of non-alcoholic drinks. Some examples of non-alcoholic mocktail drinks are a Roy Rogers (diet Coke and Grenadine), Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade), Safe Sex on the Beach (cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and peach nectar) instead of Sex on the Beach, or a Virgin Daiquiri. There are hundreds of other mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. Many times if you are in a restaurant or bar you can get the non-alcohol type of the drink by ordering it as a "virgin" which means without the alcohol or alcohol free.

Mocktails for kids are also something to consider. Oftentimes, alcoholic drinks are appealing to younger folks, so allowing them the non-alcohol versions of some drinks is exciting for them. This is not to encourage drinking. Thinking about what the kids want to drink though should be done. Making neat or fancy drinks for the kids is fun for them. A Shirley Temple is a great mocktail for kids. When you make mocktails for kids, especially during the holidays, make them feel special. If you are making Christmas mocktails for kids then make sure they enjoy it. Add clean snow to a cup and a beverage of choice to make an awesome kids mocktail during the winter.

Energy Drinks

One rising trend in the non-alcoholic drink department are energy drinks. The consumption of energy drinks has risen and continues to be a very popular non-alcoholic drink. However, because some energy drinks have such a high amount of caffeine and other herbal stimulants in them, they can be quite dangerous. The over-consumption of energy drinks has resulted in heart and other health problems. Drinking them in moderation or on occasion is better than using them as your non-alcoholic beverage substitute.

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Overall, drinking non-alcoholic beverages can be quite advantageous. By doing so, it is less calorie consumption and leaves you with a clear mind. Serving non-alcoholic drinks instead of alcohol is a fine choice. The pressure to consume alcohol is very strong, so deciding that your wedding shower, holiday party, or other event is going to be alcohol free is a good idea. At the bare minimum there should always be a non-alcoholic drink alternative for those who do not wish to get intoxicated or for those who cannot drink.