Diamond Alternatives for Engagement Rings

For a long time diamond engagement rings were considered ‘THE’ engagement ring. In recent years there has been a change in the trend as more people are opting for unique non diamond engagement rings in both vintage, antique and modern styles. Contrary to public belief, diamonds did not arrive on the jewelry scene until the late 19th century, though engagement rings have been around since the 13th century when the Romans began using birthstone rings to formalize an engagement.

Amethyst Birthstone Engagement RingEvery couple has its own reason why they prefer to opt for a non traditional wedding band. Maybe some cannot afford the cost as  they can be extremely expensive; some couples may simply want to be different and other brides-to-be may prefer their birthstone. One possible reason why couples may prefer to avoid diamonds is for ethical reasons. Did you know that diamonds are mined at a very great cost? The cost is human lives because the majority of these stones come from conflict torn countries like Angola and Sierra Leone. These conflict diamonds are often also referred to as blood diamonds. Children are sent into unsafe mines working for low wages or none at all and the proceeds from these blood diamond sales often go to fund terrorist operations or civil wars.  For this reason alone choosing to avoid a traditional promise ring seems a wise choice.

Non Diamond Engagement Ring Alternatives

There is such a wide range of non diamond promise rings to choose from, it really is a broad category. It is possible depending on the budget to have a precious or semi-precious stone as the center stone for the ring.  Emeralds, citron, topaz and ruby birthstone rings are all popular choices.

Often young couples just beginning a life together do not have too much money to splurge on an engagement ring. Fortunately the jewelry market is highly competitive and there are some really beautiful designs available. The rings don’t cost a fortune, but they don’t look cheap either.

Some jewelers specialize in unique jewelry designs that are made without diamonds. These rings are something out of the ordinary, very attractive to look at and make the owner feel proud wearing one.

Opting for non-diamond rings mean you get to choose from a wide spectrum of colors and are not limited to the brilliant sparkle of the diamond. You can go with the stone that is symbolic of your birth month or anniversary month or simply a favorite color. Plenty of gemstones are very pretty and their own unique looks; there are emeralds, garnets, rubies, sapphires and so much more to choose from.

 Another option could be simulated diamonds like cubic zirconia for those of you who want diamonds, but cannot afford the prices. These non-diamonds look so realistic they are more often than not going to be mistaken for the real thing by anyone other than a jeweler. It is possible to get a beautiful ring at a fraction of the cost of a real diamond.

 Think about the engagement ring setting you would like to have and consider vintage settings and antique engagement rings as well. You will get something unique and it will be quite an exciting challenge to go hunting for the perfect ring. You could find beautiful vintage and antique rings at auctions, estate sales and boutiques that specialize in this type of jewelry.

If you limit yourself to emeralds, rubies and sapphires, there will be a very wide range of colors to choose from. Sapphires generally tend to be less expensive than rubies and emeralds.

If you don’t have a fortune to spend on an engagement ring, don’t let it worry you. Always remember that the sentimental and symbolic value is worth far more than the Kohinoor diamond!

Good luck!