Non Prescription Glasses-Why People Wear Them

Many people can be seen wearing glasses, but how many of those people actually need those glasses to see properly? There are a ton of people out there that are wearing non prescription glasses for reasons other than correcting their vision. You will come across non prescription glasses at many stores including convenience stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, and pretty much any store that has a section for impulse buying; moreover, when looking through the sales records you will easily be able to spot that these non prescription glasses are popular sellers! The real question to ask these individuals that wear non prescription glasses is: why do you wear glasses when you do not need them to assist your vision?

After many surveys, and brainstorming some ideas of my own I came up with reasons that people wear non prescription glasses. These reasons are not random guesses, or simple ideas; but they are products of thorough research and hypothesis. People may wear non prescription glasses for a large variety of reasons; however, the following are the main ones to be considered.

They Make You Look More Business-Like And Professional

In the business world, it is important to have the knowledge and skills that it takes to succeed; however, it is almost equally important to look the part as well. It is a matter of fact that glasses portray a business-like look; however, not every business oriented individual needs corrected vision. A simple solution to look more business-like for those that have perfect vision is to wear non prescription glasses; this will allow them to maintain their perfect vision, while portraying a business oriented individual. This is not to say that you cannot look business oriented if you are not wearing glasses, but wearing a pair definitely increases the business-like vibe that you give off; moreover, non prescription glasses are the perfect solution for those who already have perfect vision.

They Portray Knowledge

The main reason for this is simply the human brain's tendency to relate actions. Many people have to put on a pair of glasses to read, and reading is directly correlated to having knowledge, so the human brain portrays a person with glasses as having a plethora of knowledge. Now obviously not every smart person in the world wears glasses; however, this paragraph is not about one's actual knowledge, but rather how much knowledge is portrayed. A simple solution to portray an overabundance of knowledge for individuals that have perfect vision is to wear non prescription glasses.

The amazing thing about this human tendency is that people that wear non prescription glasses claim to actually feel smarter when they put them on. Try it yourself...try on a pair of non prescription glasses on the next time you come across a pair, look into a mirror, and say the first word that comes to your mind. A good percentage of the time that word will be "smart" or a similar word.

They May Look Great With Glasses

This thought may have sparked from something as simple as trying on a friend's pair of glasses and receiving a positive comment about how you looked with them on. A true fact is that some people simply look great with glasses on. Now for the individuals that have this quality and already need vision correction, it is simply a bonus that they look great with something that they already need. However, for those who have perfect vision and look great with glasses on, non prescription glasses are the perfect solution for them to enhance their look, and maintain their vision at the same time.

Some People Like To Wear As Many Accessories As Possible

Some people have a tendency to have a "the more, the merrier" mentality when it comes to accessories. Do you know somebody that is always wearing 4 earrings, 3 bracelets, 2 necklaces, many rings, and an anklet? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as it is their personal choice as to how many, and what accessories they are going to dress themselves with. However, rather than an individual of this sort getting sad because their vision is perfect; non prescription glasses are the perfect solution for them to wear 1 more accessory, while maintaining their perfect vision.

Many People Like To Wear Designer Brands

Some individuals are literally obsessed with designer brands; they buy and wear as many brands as they can afford. Well designer non prescription glasses can be an inexpensive alternative to buying brand name clothes. Think about it for a second...they are the least expensive out of all brand name clothes, you can wear them on a daily basis without worrying about washing them, and they will last longer than any brand name designer piece of clothing that you will buy! Non prescription glasses can be the perfect alternative to a brand lover that doesn't need vision correction.

Many people that are forced to wear glasses because they need vision correction wonder why people that don't need glasses choose to wear non prescription glasses. Although it may remain a mystery to them, this article uncovers many of the most popular reasons that people choose to wear non prescription glasses. People wear non prescription glasses for reasons that vary from feeling smarter, to loving designer brands; however, whatever their reasons are, it is their choice to wear non prescription glasses, and they will continue to if they want to!