Tons of people all over the world suffer from a variety of different sleeping disorders. These disorders are all a bit different but the symptoms are usually the same. Folks either have trouble getting to sleep or they have trouble staying asleep. Both of these symptoms are broadly referred to as insomnia. There are a lot of things that cause insomnia. One of the most common ones is stress. People are more stressed than ever these days. Between all the problems they face at work and on the home front, it's easy to understand why they have trouble sleeping. Another common cause of insomnia revolves around the use of stimulants. Men and women who drink a lot of coffee or cola often find that it leads to sleeping problems.

Now, the easy way to sort these problems out to seek out some kind of insomnia drug. Before doing so though, you should definitely look at some non prescription sleep aid solutions. In this article, we'll go over a few things you should do before opting for some kind of a prescription sleep aid. Please keep in mind that the ideas laid out here are really for information purposes only. There is lots of good information available online as well. Check out a few different sites in order to get the broadest range of opinions. You should also see a doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

You should consider a non prescription sleep aid because of all the problems associated with their prescription counter parts. Most prescription sleep aids like Lunesta and Sonata have many negative aspects to them. The most worrisome one is related to dependence. These drugs can be addictive if not taken properly. Over time, the patient will find it almost impossible to sleep without the use of some kind of a sleep aid. There are also a few nasty side effects that many people experience when taking these kinds of drugs. The most serious ones include drowsiness and dry throat. The drowsiness isn't really a problem at night as it usually leads to sleep. The problem is that sometimes this drowsy feeling seeps into the next day. This can affect your driving, working, and home life - not good!

So what can you do if you don't want to be prescribed a sleep aid medication? Well, the best way is through the use of an over the counter sleep aid. These products, like Sominex and Sleepinal, are great for temporary insomnia. If you're suffering from a lack of sleep due to jet lag or something similar, these non prescription sleep aids can help. They'll even work if you are a stressed due to a unique situation at work. They aren't for serious or chronic sleeping disorders though. If you consistently can't sleep, you need to see a doctor. Good Luck!