Losing Your Hair

People lose their hair every day and unfortunately, whilst it cannot be stopped completely, there are a range of measures in place to help both those people who are losing their hair and those who have lost their hair completely.

Hair replacement has come a long way in the last thirty years and the days of ill fitting wigs being the only option are thankfully no more. Many of the links that I've placed around this website show you just how far hair replacement has come, so feel free to have a look about.

Modern Hair Replacement

The modern day options of hair replacement are vast and plentiful. From non surgical hair replacement options such as medical shampoos, ointments and oral drugs, to going under the knife and having hair transplanted from one area of your body to the other, there is an option to suit everyone's individual needs.

The Use Of Wigs

Although wigs and hair pieces were once considered an unsightly non surgical hair replacement option, in the current day, many people prefer them, particularly due to the authenticity that the wigs now have.

Fortunately, wigs have come on leaps and bounds and the whole process is extremely in-depth and extensive, with the purchase of a wig beginning with an initial consultation with a professional company who will ask a whole host of related questions, such as why the hair was lost and the reasons behind the need for a wig.

Designing A Hair Piece

Further to the initial consultation, points such as color will be discussed, as most companies who offer non surgical hair replacement in the form of a wig will be able to provide a color matching service on any remaining hair on the head.

Once this has been carried out, hair styles will be discussed and the most appropriate style will be chosen from a range of different options.

If full research is carried out and a reputable company is chosen - for which several of the links on this website will be able to provide advice and recommendations - after the process of designing the wig to a set specification, the final result should be fantastic. Whilst once it was often obvious seeing a wig on someone's head, the modern day wigs are produced to such a high quality that it is impossible to distinguish a wig from a real head of hair.