Non surgical liposuction is a relatively new but increasingly popular way of dealing with pesky fat cells. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that can be a good way to get rid of excess fat on different areas of the body that don't respond to conventional exercise and diet. It is a popular surgical procedure which is performed all over the world.

Many people are interested in undergoing this procedure, but don't want to deal with the risks and complications that are always possible when undergoing any type of surgical procedure. Some people may want to take a chance with the surgery but don't have the money to do so. Doctors have developed several non-surgical lipo procedures which are a good alternative and many more are in the makings to soon be available on the market.

Thermage is one example of a non surgical alternative to traditional liposuction. This is a fairly new procedure which was developed in 2006. It is a non surgical alternative to liposuction and other procedures as well. Anybody who wants to improve an area of the body by tightening a certain section or removing unwanted extra skin should look into this procedure. Thermage involves lasers which are used to re-establish and repair collagen. It is not a painful procedure although people need to be aware that patients will feel a little heat while the process is taking place. Not enough to burn or hurt, but being mentally prepared for that definitely helps.

Lipodissolve is another non surgical liposuction alternative. This procedure concentrates on removing fat from problem areas on the body. It is done by many injections which will basically dissolve the fat away. Anesthesia is not needed because Lipodissolve is a painless procedure. Lipodissolve is a cheaper alternative to liposuction as well. Some places even offer financing for this procedure. Depending on what results are aimed for and what area needs improving, patients may need to have more than one treatment to get a noticeable outcome.

These are just two of the latest techniques in non surgical liposuction. With any procedure that is new, it is best to get it done by a doctor who is experienced in this field. Trained doctors who have performed these types of procedures will be more accurate and knowledgeable about what they're doing. Liposuction is an option but there are non surgical options out there for those interested.