Take Inspiration from Celebrity Wedding and Engagement Rings

Hollywood has never been short in showing us some of the best non traditional engagement rings that caused our jaws to drop and our head to spin. There are diamonds, antiques, oaks, chocolate diamond rings, and almost every imaginable material. It cannot, however, be denied that many dream of it and in an effort to feed your dreams. Here is a list of some of the most popular engagement rings.

Lady Diana’s Sapphire

Price: $65,000 (original price)

This ring was handed down to Prince William who gave it to Katherine Middleton. However, the original owner’s story is more interesting and it remains to be one of the most non traditional engagement rings of all time. Prince Charles didn’t have a ring when he proposed. He told Princess Diana that he wanted to have one made, something that will be exactly what she envisioned wearing but she couldn’t wait so she insisted on going to a jewellery store that same day and went they did. She ended up choosing the now famous sapphire ring. The drawback, everyone knew how much it cost.

The good news for the store owner, about a million people ordered the same ring.

Grace Kelly Had Two rings

Price: $600,000 (original price)

Grace Kelly got two rings. Prince Ranier III of Monacco gave her a band that has a string of rubies and diamonds which is also known as the eternity ring. It was a Cartier. When he learned that the diamonds in the U.S. are so big, his might as well be considered one of the many chocolate diamond rings, he bought another one. He chose an emerald cut ring which was a popular design then and diamond was 12-carat. There were talks, however, that MGM actually paid for the ring. MGM is the movie studio of Grace Kelly. It was part of their effort to create the perfect Cinderella story.

Jacqueline Kennedy  Could Have Paid a Country’s Debt

Price: $750,000 (original price)

Jacqueline had wore a diamond ring that is surrounded by emeralds. The Diamond was 2.88 carat while the emerald was 2.84 carat. She had it redone. She added round diamonds around the big diamond and the emeralds. She also highlighted it with marquise diamonds. I bet Marilyn Monroe didn’t get one of that.

Katie Holmes Must Have Jumped on the Couch

Price: $275,000

Everyone knows by now that Tom Cruise chose the top of the Eiffel Tower as the venue of his proposal to his now ex-wife, Katie Holmes. Everyone kept on saying the ring is “cheap” compared to what you might expect from Tom but anything that goes over $50 for me is expensive. The stone had an oval shape. The design is very classic, very old Hollywood, very le vian chocolate diamond rings. Since not everyone like old Hollywood, not everyone liked it which doesn’t make sense to me. That’s a $275K rock, what’s not to like?

Jennifer Lopez’s DIAMOND

Price: $2,000,000

Pink diamonds. The traditional diamond is expensive enough, imagine the how much a pink diamond costs. It is so rare that only out of 10,000 diamonds will ever turn pink. Affleck sold the ring when he and Jenny from the block broke the engagement.

There are many other non traditional engagement rings that have become popular on the basis of the owner being a Hollywood star. If you want what they have but don’t have the money, you can always go to your jeweller and ask them to copy the design.


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Princess Diana Engagement Ring

Princess Diana Engagement Ring

Grace Kelly's Engagement Ring

Grace Kelly's Engagement Ring

Jacqueline Kennedy's Engagement Ring

Jacqueline Kennedy's Engagement Ring

Katie Holmes' Engagement Ring

Katie Holmes' Engagement Ring

J. Lo's Engagement Ring

J. Lo's Engagement Ring