Non Traditional Engagement Rings:

Unusual, Unique Engagement Rings

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If you're out there looking around for engagement rings, you've no doubt noticed that there is a traditional 'look' that you'll find in most jewelry stores. White gold abounds, and solitaires rule the day. This is just the current trend, of course, and every decade had a different 'look' that was extremely popular. Are you wanting something different? Non traditional engagement rings are difficult to find, and you'll probably have quite a search on your hands to find them. 

This article is all about non traditional engagement rings, and it will talk about the various options available to make your ring choice totally unique. We'll talk about non traditional engagement ring settings, jewelry and stone choice, and you'll see what can be found out there. In this day and age the sky is the limit with custom jewelry, but this article will hopefully guide your process a little bit. 

Let's begin and look at a few examples of non traditional engagement rings!

Non Traditional Engagement Rings:

Gold and Setting

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If you're searching for ways to find or create non traditional engagement rings, you probably should decide what it is about 'conventional' rings that you don't like, and determine what you want to change. One major option for alteration is the choice of metal or the setting of the ring. Metal is extremely pliable, and in the hands of a skilled jewelry maker almost anything can be done, especially with the advent of CNC technology. 

Non traditional engagement rings often have different types of metal in the bands and the setting. White gold is almost universally accepted these days, but you can switch back to yellow gold for a more classic look, or opt for rose gold for a really interesting alternative. Rose gold looks like a combination of gold and bronze, and it really catches the light. 

Your non traditional engagement rings can also contain other metals entirely. Platinum is very expensive, but it's a great and beautiful choice for unique engagement rings. Silver is another choice, and a less expensive one. Silver does tarnish, so you'll need to polish it periodically (it tarnishes less depending on the purity of silver). You might also consider stainless steel, bronze or any other unique looking metal of your choice. 

Your non traditional engagement rings can have special settings as well. There are just about as many ways to hold a diamond or stone in place as there are stars in the sky, so pick one you like and search for that variety. Pressure settings are unique and don't require any claws or clasps, as they hold the stone in place by pressing on both sides. Antique  or filigree engagment ring settings are quite popular and can be replicated. 

Non Traditional Engagement Rings:

Choice of Stone

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Another way to create non traditional engagement rings is to be creative in your choice of stones, either the centerpiece rock or the accent stones surrounding it. Unique engagement rings very often eschew the use of diamonds in favor of more interesting choices. And why not? We live on a planet covered in thousands of unique and amazing gemstones, why not pick something more interesting (and less expensive) than the simple diamond?

Colored stone engagement rings are getting more common, and they were thrust into the center stage with the engagement of Kate Middleton to Prince William. That large blue sapphire showed the world that it was okay to choose colored stone engagement rings, and it was a very good thing. 

Colored stone engagment rings allow the purchaser to customize their choice based on the recipient. You can consider using their birthstone, or you can choose a color that has deep meaning to the both of you. 

Traditional gemstones are very popular, with rubies, sapphires and emeralds being very popular choices in non traditional engagement rings. However there are many other choices that are even more unique than this. Consider using polished semi-precious stones like agate and opal: the effect can be extremely stunning and very classy. 

Non Traditional Engagement Rings:

Other Choices

When it comes to non traditional engagement rings, the sky is the limit. If you want something truly unique you're going to have to spend some time searching, but you'll probably be rewarded with something really special. 

If your taste in non traditional engagement rings leans even further towards the bizarre, you might want to check out my other article on the top 10 unconventional engagement rings. 

Good Luck!