The battle of baldness can be unfortunate for most men. Some men might prefer going bald, while others might dread the idea. There's still some hope and helpful non surgical hair replacement for men treatment options available. Choosing non surgical hair replacement is much cheaper than a surgical procedure. Surgical hair replacement for men can cost as high as $20,000, or more even.

There's a lot of creams, and prescribed medications out of the market that claim to work as a hair replacement for men. Truth be told, there's a lot of scams and products that doesn't work. When it comes to hair loss products on the market, it's hard to get to the truth sometimes. Determining the best non surgical hair replacement for men treatment options requires some research and knowledge on the topic. There's a lot of myths and misconception to androgenetic alopecia. Wearing hats, shaving your hair, or combing your hair will not lead to baldness. Those are myths that have nothing to do with hair loss.

Although male baldness is usually genetic, it comes down to health really. For example, bad nutrition, chemicals, diseases, diets, or substances can lead to balding. Your hair follicles requires blood circulation and proper nutrients to keep hair follicles alive and growing. The best non surgical hair placement for men doesn't always come down to creams, pills, or medications. Other factors can also play a part in baldness.

There are many different non surgical hair replacement for men treatment options to choose from. Before we discuss non surgical treatment options, let's briefly describe what leads to androgenetic alopecia (male baldness). Other diseases can lead to baldness like alopecia areata, a autoimmune disease that attacks healthy cells. There's no cure for alopecia areata since it's an autoimmune disorder, but hair often can grow back itself. Mineral deficiency and scalp infections can cause baldness as well.

For male baldness, it comes down to hormones. DHT causes 95% of hair loss in men. It's by far the most common form of male baldness. A testosterone gets converted into a dihydrotestosterone known as DHT. Non surgical hair placement for men is based on stopping, or slowing down the development of DHT to the scalp. Those who are prone to producing more DHT and likely to develop baldness.

DHT is an enzyme 5-alpha-reductase that combines with a testosterone. If you can block DHT from reaching the scalp, stripping the hair follicles of needed nutrients, then you can prevent baldness. When DHT reaches the the scalp, they latch onto hair follicles and shrink them. There are natural ways to block DHT, allowing hair follicles to grow again.

FDA non surgical hair replacement for men

There's currently only one FDA approved non surgical hair replacement for men currently out on the market. Minoxidil is the most popular non surgical hair replacement of men and women. The most popularly used is the product rogaine for hair growth, balding, and thinning hair. There's been mixed results from those who've used rogaine. Rogaine and minoxidil are known to come with certain side effects. 85% of those who use rogaine can experience new hair growth. Once you stop using the product, hair follicles can fallout within a few months. So you must use it for the rest of your life to keep a full head of hair.

Other non surgical hair replacement for men treatment options can include not just using minoxidil, but using other DHT blockers along with minoxidil for better results. Go the extra effort to provide nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed for the hair. Hair needs nutrients. The DHT strips away the nutrients in your hair follicles, causing them to die.

Non surgical hair replacement for men options: herbs and home remedies

Non surgical hair replacement for men treatment can be used with holistic medicine, like herbs. They are not FDA approved, but most herbs don't get FDA tested. Herbs are not only cheaper than some other non surgical hair replacement treatment options on the market, they're relatively safe to use. Although some herbs or supplements might come with side effects as well. Still consult with your doctor on taking herb orally.

Emu oil: I'd personally recommend emu oil for men who are experiencing with balding, or thinning hair. It comes from the fat of an emu bird, the common bird found in Australia. It's a DHT blocker, very high in omega fatty-acids. Emu oil thickens the skin, is anti-inflammatory, and allows for new and healthy hair follicles to grow again. Safe to use that comes with no side effect. Emu oil should be applied daily to the scalp, then washed with shampoo an hour after.

Saw palmetto: Another non surgical hair placement for men herbal treatment that can stop DHT before it latches onto hair follicles. Saw palmento is high in fatty acids, flavonoids, and phytosterols. Nutrients that provide proper growth and blood circulation for hair follicles. Saw palmetto does come with known side effects. Consult with a doctor before taking.

Zinc: Zinc plays a role in cell production in the body. Zinc also in known to promote a healthy immune system, and fight off free radical attacks. Your body needs a proper amount of zinc, iron, and copper for good hair growth. If you zinc deficiency, then you should consider taking zinc supplements.

Gingko Bilboa: Gingko helps improve blood and oxygen circulation in the body. Poor circulation to the scalp leads to poor hair growth. Gingko bilboa helps increase the use of nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins needed for proper hair growth. Without proper blood circulation, hair follicles don't get enough of the needed nutrients.

Green Tea: Green tea is another DHT blocker, and very high in antioxidants. Know as the healthiest drink in the world, it can assist in the fight against baldness. Green tea is rich in polyphenols which contains a high amount of catechins. Green tea promotes a healthy immune system.

Wigs and Toupees

You always have the option of using wigs or toupees as a non surgical hair replacement treatment option for hair loss. Some wigs and toupees truly look awful, and you can tell right away tell it's a wig. Wigs are looked at as the last alternative option for non surgical hair replacement for men. Some toupees are made out of human hair, and are more expensive. Each wig needs to be custom fitted and made for each scalp. Wigs can help give confidence to men dealing with hair loss.

You can also consult with a endocrinologist or dermatologist for for the best non surgical hair replacement for men treatment options available. Hair loss doesn't always have to be looked at as a bad thing. Many women find baldness to be sexy. It's become a new fad in fashion.