When my wife had her 30th birthday, I bought her the new Nook eBook from Barnes and Noble. Ironically, when my birthday came along the next year, my mother bought me the Nook Color eBook from Barnes and Noble. Both my wife and I love to read, so these were perfect gifts.

As we used the both of them, there were certainly differences. One is touch screen, one is not. One is backlit, one is not. Those types of things. Both my wife and I have different preferences when it comes to electronics anyways, so this Nook Color eBook vs Nook eBook comparison should serve anyone out there well who is trying to make the decision between the two.

Why Pick The Nook eBook or Nook Color eBook

With so many tablets out there, how do you choose the right one? For us, it was simple because we have been Barnes and Noble people for a long time. I love that store. Going in and walking around, looking at many books and finding ones to read in the store. You don't even have to buy them, you can just sit down and enjoy a comfortable couch and read without feeling like you shouldn't be there.

  1. Browsing - One of the neatest things about the Nook eBook Reader Tablet is the ability to read any book in the Barnes and Noble store for one hour each day. This feature is super cool. When you go into a Barnes and Noble with your Nook or NOOK Color eBook Tablet, you can choose any book on your Nook and read it free for one hour. After that hour is up, you can pick another book and read that one for an hour. Once the time is up, you can do it again, or come back the next day and pick the same book and do it again. I like this feature because it is super easy to search for books on your Nook and you can really get a good idea of whether you want to buy the book or not.
  2. Variety - The variety in choosing books, articles, magazine, newspapers, etc. on the Nook is far advanced than the other tablets. Because the NOOK eBook Reader has the power of Barnes and Noble behind it, it is set up like a Barnes and Noble with all the perks that come with it. You have access to all the things that you would have access to in the real store. It is like having a Barnes and Noble in your house or with you where ever you go.
  3. Usuability - When I first bought the Nook eBook Reader Tablet for my wife's birthday, I took it to the woman at the front desk and she called the Nook specialist in the store to help me set it up and show me how it worked. I was so impressed by the ease of the controls and online support by the Barnes and Noble website. It only took her a few minutes to explain everything to me and I got it right away. I am not the most technically advanced person out there so I was impressed. When I gave it to my wife, she loved it and had no problems learning how to use it very quickly. 
  4. Price - The price of the Nook eBook Reader and the NOOK Color eBook Tablet are very low compared most of the other tablets out there. I was very impressed with the prices because I had just got back from Best Buy and the tablets there were super expensive. The second price point that I liked was the books on the Nook. All the books you buy, except for a very small amount, is all around $9.99 or under. I was so used to paying 3 times that amount in the book store so I was very happy. After doing some calculations, I figured that I would make the money back in only a few months of buying books on the Nook than it cost me to buy the Nook in the first place. 

These reasons helped me to decide to buy the Nook eBook Reader Tablet for my wife. But now that I have the Nook Color, we can compare the two.

Nook Color eBook Tablet vs Nook eBook Tablet

For those of you who are new to the NOOK eBook Reader, the Nook eBook Color and the original Nook are different. So when you see the comparisons, just know that both connect to Barnes and Noble the same way. One is just second generation, if you will, and the other is the first generation.

  1. Appearance - The appearance of the two are different. The first generation Nook is white and fits into your hands easily. It has a screen to view the book on and then a break on the bottom of the tablet with controls to navigate with. The screen does not use touch screen technology but the bottom controls are somewhat touch screen. The Nook Color is primarily black, but does have different colors you can get. The screen is not broken up like the first generation and it looks more like an Apple iPad. The entire tablet uses touch screen technology so it makes the look more stylish than the first generation Nook. 
  2. Backlit - The first generation Nook eBook Reader is not backlit. I did not care whether it was backlit or not, but at night-time, it can be a drain, especially if you are a bed reader and your significant other is trying to sleep. But Barnes and Noble came up with a way to fix the problem. They offer a nice White Clip-On LED Book Light for the Nook so it makes the problem go away. The Nook Color is backlit. The difference to me is amazing. With the screen being backlit, you don't have to worry about putting on or taking off the LED light. It makes reading in dark areas a lot easier.
  3. Color - I have to say, when I first bought the Nook for my wife, I thought it was the greatest think out there. It is simply black and white but I had no problem with that. Once I got the Nook Color for my birthday, I sang a different tune. The color on the Nook Color is so bright and vibrant that it make so much difference when looking at pictures, web, etc. It really is night and day.
  4. Different Tools - The first generation nook was simply made to be an eBook reader. It does not have other abilities besides reading books, magazines, newspapers, etc. However, the Nook Color has so much more capabilities. For starters, you can search the web. I love this feature. You can read and navigate through the internet very easily. Another great feature is the picture downloaded. You can download pictures onto your Nook Color which makes it far better in my opinion that the original. The Nook Color has the ability to play music also. You can download songs but they have to be in an mp3 format. There is a game feature on the Nook Color that allows you to play games. Between the two, the Nook Color has more abilities than the first generation Nook.
  5. Affordability - The difference between the two, money wise, is about $100. The Nook eBook Reader Tablet is not that expensive at all. For all the access you get to Barnes and Noble and the reduced prices of all the books, the price is right on the Nook. For the Nook Color, I think it is priced extremely well. Even though it is about $100 more than the Nook, the features are well worth it.
Nook ColorCredit: Barnes and NobleNookCredit: Barnes and Noble

The Nook Color is superior to the first generation Nook in many ways. If you are looking for a simple eBook reader that has a lot of power behind it, I would suggest the Nook eBook Reader.

The other option is the Nook Color  and I have to say that this is my favorite. My wife likes her Nook more than my Nook Color but for me, I like the internet capabilities and overall look and feel of the Nook Color. It is very easy to run and I like the support.

Both Nook's are great buys and it boils down to your preferences. Overall, I would recommend them both. We have absolutely fallen in love with ours and wouldn't trade them for anything.

Thanks and happy trails.