Norco Fluid 1.0 Mountain Bike

At Norco, the bike loving employees have been working extremely hard over the past few years fine tuning there mountain bike line. Over the
years there bikes have become lighter and stronger. The bike I will be talking about (Norco fluid 1.0) will satisfy all your all mountain biking needs.
The Norco Fluid 1.0 bike gives you the ultimate all mountain ride that is made my Canadians for Canadians.
The bike is efficient for all your Mountain biking needs.

What sells this bike?

Simple, it's top notch parts and the people involved behind the scences. They all work hard to provide the best quality bike they possibly can.
The Fluid 1.0 is named as an "All-Mountain Cross Country" bike because of the way the bike was designed.. With that being said, the Fluid is a Norco
and Norco is well known for their strong and stable bikes. The Fluid says all mountain in every way possible. The geometry and spec of this
bike is meant to be ridden hard all day long on any terrain. Good luck breaking it! It's solid and well built.

Some Specs of the Fluid 1.0

* Mavic Crossride wheels
* Uber-smooth Fox Float 32 RL fork
* Solid Fox Float RP23 rear shock
* New curved top-tube for increased standover
* (Basically, it's all new for 2007, eh?)
* Surprisingly-solid Shimano XT drivetrain from top to bottom
* New dropouts
* New seatstay yoke
* New seat tube pivot mount
* New, beefy linkage plates
* New hydroformed downtube

I am highly impressed with the Fluid 1.0 bike model. It moves very well and also descends with the best.
After many years of testing out bikes I find the fluid 1.0 to be my top pick. It's a very strong bike and is built to last.
I would highly recommend any who is interesting in purchases an all mountain bike. Remember to be safe and wear your gear.
This bike provides one with a lot of confidence and creates a feeling of safety. Be safe and have fun !