Should I Buy a Norelco G370 or QG3270 or QG3280?

The following brief & objective comparison guide takes a look at a range of popular Philips norelco body & grooming trimmers specifically: G370 Vs QG3270 Vs QG3280 -- all very popular and well regarded models, but what this account aims to highlight is their differences amongst features & specifications (as well as their similarities) so you can clearly determine which is the most ideal model for you i.e is best suited to all your grooming needs, relative to their respective price tags ("offering the best value").

Grooming Operation

G370: 'Full' Trimmer | Mini Foil | Precision Trim

QG3270: 'Full' Trimmer | Mini Foil | Precision Trim

QG3280: 'Full' Trimmer | Mini Foil | Precision Trim | Body Shaver

They all are integrated with the full size trimmer that is designed to basically shave & trim everything from head to toe, just the way you like it. Professionally design your hair, mustache, beard, side burns, nose hair, eyebrows, ear hair -- pretty much any hair with the range of combs and trimmers that are on offer (details of the accessories - see section below).

The beard and mustache comb (and hair trimmer comb) offer you 9 specific length settings, so you can get your desired 'uniform' cut with absolute accuracy & they also come with a mini foil shaver to clean & smooth the edges off (designed specifically for goatees). The only real difference in this department is the QG3280 also comes with a bodygroom shaver -- for chest hair etc. and is 100% waterproof so can be used in the shower etc.

Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System
Amazon Price: $42.49 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 14, 2013)

Shaving Features, Attachments & Performance

G370: Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer | Hair Comb | Beard Comb |

QG3270: Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer | Hair Comb | Beard Comb | Wide Clipper

QG3280: Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer | Hair Comb | Beard Comb | Body Comb

So obviously, the nose/ear/eyebrow trimmer is for removing nose/ear/eyebrow hair to keep it all nice and well maintained, but do so with no pain inflicted. The hair & beard comb offers 9 different settings that can be easily attached to the front full trimmer, depending how short you are willing to go -- and how you want it styled. The body comb as just menitoned above offers you 5 different lengths.

Note: if you are just wanting a complete clean cut i.e no varied lengths, just don't attach the combs.

Philips Norelco QG3270 Multigroom Pro
Amazon Price: $42.95 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 14, 2013)

Practical Specifications

G370: Run Time: 35 mins plus | Charge Time: 10 Hrs | NiMH Battery

QG3270: Battery Indicator | Run Time: 50 + mins | Charge Time: 1 Hr | Lit-Ion Battery

QG3280: Battery Indicator | Run Time: 50 + mins | Charge Time: 1 Hr | Lit-Ion Battery |

All the models are cordless, but as you can see the latter two models are far more advanced in this particular aspect -- with them having 15 minutes extra run time and taking a whole 9 hours less to charge. You should also note that they all come with LED battery indicators to help you gauge the condition of the battery -- and whether it is soon due a re-charge.

Also, it should be noted that they are manufcatured from special hypoallergenic materials that helps to basically protect your skin from irritation and discomfort, in all making for a more comfortable grooming experience.

Philips Norelco QG3280 Multigroom Pro
Amazon Price: $399.99 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 14, 2013)

Further Information

Warranty & Guarantee

All the models are covered with a two year warranty program that initiates from the date of purchase. They are also covered on a 45 day money back guarantee scheme, so you can get a 100% refund if you are unhappy with any of the trimmers in anyway.

Dimensions & Weight | Ergonomic Design & Material Finish

G370: 1.5 x 1 x 6.5 inches ; 6.4 ounces | Black

QG3270: 1.5 x 1 x 6.5 inches ; 6.4 ounces | Silver

QG3280: 1.5 x 1 x 6.5 inches ; 6.4 ounces | Blue

Codes & Names

G370/60 --  "All-in-1" Grooming System, QG3270/41 -- Multi-groom Pro, QG3280/41 -- Multigroom Pro

Accessories - What's in the box?

All come with their respective Norelco grooming trimmers and cleaning brushes with storage pouches. Moreover, each features the 'full sized trimmer'  blade, mini foil shaver and precision ('detail') trimmer. They also come with a range of combs -- the hair & hair clipper, beard & mustache as well as an ear trimmer, nose trimmer and eyebrow trimmer. The QG3280 just additionally comes with a charging stand, body trimming comb and A/C adapter plug as well.

Average Review Rating (sourced

G370: 4.1 out of 5 stars from 950+ reviews.

QG3270: 3.8 out of 5 stars from 150 + reviews.

QG3280: 4.1 out of 5 stars from 200 + reviews.

 Conclusion -- Which multi-groom will you buy and why?

For me, I would have to go with the QG3280 on the basis that I get a lot of body hair (chest & back) so this device comes particularly in handy due to its obdy comb. But, in terms of value for money overall -- I would go with the QG3270, given that it is practically the same as the QG32780 except the fact it isn't waterproof nor does it have the body groom tool, but you are paying a fair bit extra just to have these two features.

G370 Vs QG2370: given they are priced somewhat similarly, the QG3270 perhaps an extra $15 -- it is clear the QG3270 would be the model to go for, given it edges the G370 in almost every aspect.

G370 Vs QG2380: the basic model vs the premium model (in this guide) -- so it depends on what you plan to use the trimmer for and how often, if you are wanting a whole body trim on a frequent basis -- then opt for the latter. If you plan to use it for just beard & hair trimming now and again, the G370 will be more than adequate for this.

Also Make Sure You Check Out the QG3380

Philips Norelco QG3380/42 Multigroom Pro
Amazon Price: $69.99 $58.99 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 14, 2013)

QG2370 Vs QG2380: as mentioned above really, for an extra $20/30 you are basically paying to use the G2370 for body hair and in the shower, when you ge the QG2380 -- and you will obviously know whether this is worth it or not (as if you get body hair you will be like me and go with the latter and if not you won't be missing out at all by going with the former).

Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the overview of the -- G370 Vs QG2370 Vs QG2380 or about either device specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.