It is hard enough dealing with pregnancy weight gain with a single pregnancy, now you are faced with twins. So how do you know how much weight you should be gaining?

Most doctors recommend that women who are pregnant with twins should gain about 30 – 40 lbs. At least it isn't double what a single birther should gain right? They need to gain 25 lbs so this isn't that much more.

You don't need to worry about gaining very much during your first trimester. So don't use being pregnant with twins as an excuse to over eat on unhealthy foods because it will set you up to gain a lot more during your second and third trimesters. Let yourself have a healthy start right from the beginning.

During your second trimester you will start gaining some noticeable weight. Not a ton, but it is advised to gain about 24 lbs by the time you are 24 weeks pregnant. This has been shown to reduce your chances of having your babies premature.

You need to be sure to strike a balance between eating too little and eating too much. If you under eat, your babies will suffer in nutrition and birth weight. If you over eat, you can cause pregnancy complications including toxemia and edema, along with high blood pressure and other issues.

You should never restrict calories when you are pregnant, especially when you have twins growing inside you. Instead you should focus on getting the most fiber and nutrition per calorie that you do eat. This allows you to get everything you need and feel full without over doing it.

Exercise can also help you keep your pregnancy weight gain with twins under control. Make sure not to do any jarring or hight impact bouncing movements as this might irritate your uterus and cause contractions. Instead, do light impact exercises that keep you moving. Exercising in the water is especially nice.

Watch your diet and stay active. If you do these things you wont need to worry about gaining too much. Like I said before, you should be aiming at about 35 lbs total weight gain during your twin pregnancy.