Oh where, oh where have my normal jeans gone?!

I am not a shopper.  Maybe, once a year, I am in the mood to pick up more than one new item of clothing and I will spend an hour or two in the mall.  I have my favorite stores, but they aren’t next to each other hence the hour or two spent in the mall.  But basically I know what I want and I know where to find it.  I like a few button-down shirts, few polo shirts, a pair or two of dress pants and the same with jeans.  Sounds simple right? Wrong!


I noticed something a couple of years ago when shopping for jeans.  A man can no longer purchase normal jeans.  What are normal jeans?  Normal jeans aren't adorned with any fancy script, unnecessary pockets, or odd coloring patterns that imitate fading or wear.   Most importantly, normal jeans fit around my waist, not below it, not on my hips, or anywhere else.  Whatever happened to regular, normal, everyday jeans?  Some stores do not even carry them anymore - it’s all fancy fits, designs, and holes!  And, it's the holes that really boggles my mind.  People buy, and pay a lot of money, for jeans with holes in them!  I can’t fathom paying for ripped jeans.  Usually, when jeans are ripped it means you have to go buy new ones.   Apparently not anymore, which makes me think if I saved all my old jeans, instead of throwing them out, I could now sell them on eBay and be rich. 

So, if there are other out there that, like me,  just want a pair of normal jeans that fit the way pants should - around your waist - then you’re in luck.  They still make normal jeans, but don’t be surprised if you go to the store and they are not there or don't have your size.  Stores just don’t stock a lot of them anymore.  These manufacturers still make regular fit jeans without holes or fancy designs. 

  1. Levi’s normal jeans come in the following styles: 513 slim, 517 slim boot cut, and 550 relaxed.[826] JeansCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jeans.JPG#filelinks
  2. Lee sells ten varieties of normal jeans they label “regular fit.[827]
  3. Arizona sells a variety of normal jeans in the following styles: loose fit (don’t confuse this “model” with the loose straight leg, which sit below the waist), relaxed fit, and original fit (see JC Penney for Arizona Jeans).[828] 

Other manufactures probably make normal fitting jeans; however, the three above definitely make them and at affordable prices.  I guarantee you will not pay $100 or more for a pair of Levi’s, Lee, or Arizona jeans; you will probable pay less than $50 for a pair.  But don’t let the price fool you, the low price does not equal low quality.  I have jeans from all three manufacturers, and I put them through the ringer - they stand the test of time! 

If a consumer wants to pay $100-$200 for a pair of designer jeans by all means that is their choice, but for me, I am happy with plain and simple denim jeans.