The coordinates for Norman Waters Park is 38.4735°N 121.3983°W. It is at the corner of Elsie Avenue and Sunrise Greens Drive. This park is part of an established neighborhood in the South Sacramento area. This is a nice park to hang out at, here's what you can expect from your visit:


While there is no restroom onsite, there are other amenities that would make this park a great place to visit. Norman Waters Park has a very large baseball field which can double as a soccer field. There are also 2 age-appropriate play structures and a large concrete pad--where there was once a full-sized basketball court--which can be used for toddlers to ride their tricycles, or bicycles, on. In addition to that, there are two tennis courts with lighting that can be manually managed up until 10 PM. If you are the outdoor-type, this place is great for exercising.

Animal Friendly

You will want to bring a leash in case you need it--please be aware of any people who may not be particular to animals or leash your dog if you think there is a potential safety issue. Otherwise, the large field is occasionally used by animal groups to gather on the weekend during the work week. You'll find that there is ample room for you and your best friend to run around on--just be sure to clean up after yourselves.

Outdoor Parties

There is a lot of room to hold a birthday party,or any type of gathering, for that matter. You will need to get to the park early if you want to reserve the patio area. There is a small grille that you can use but I recommend bringing another grille, if you can manage it. Also, bring some cleaning material and a steel grille brush so you can clean the one there. There is a small water fountain but it never hurts for you to bring your own water, if that's your preference. I have never needed to call the Southgate Recreational District to reserve this area but it wouldn't hurt to check with them, especially if you are planning a big event on a summer day.

This park has ample parking throughout the perimeter. For those hot days, there are large trees which will serve you lots of shade. Like other parts in the greater Sacramento area, Norman Waters Park is a beautiful place to spend time with your family. The next time you're in Sacramento, stop by the park and stay awhile. I'm confident that you'll enjoy it!