Norstar phones are manufactured by a company called Nortel Norstar, which used to be Meridian Norstar. It was first introduced by Northern Telecom. Norstar telephones were developed in 1988 with features that were highly advanced for the time. An LCD screen came as standard with each telephone. Each Norstar phone to this day features heavy duty components making this a very solid and rugged phone.

There are many different types of Norstar phone system on the market these days to suit many different purposes. There are the Norstar home phones, and there are the Norstar business phones. One of these is the Norstar M7310 black phone. This phone has 12 dual function memory buttons, 10 programmable line buttons, both of these will provide rapid access to 24 extra much used features/numbers and autodial, 16 character by two line LCD window with soft keys. This phone is very durable and can meet the needs of any business environment. This phone comes highly recommended. Another phone from the Norstar phone systems is the Nortel Networks NT 8B 21 Norstar M7310 phone , this is a 10 line digital telephone. This is an excellent telephone for any business.

There are many other different types of phone on the market for you to choose from but Norstar makes some high-quality durable telephones which should be on the top of your list. Before you purchase a business phone you should think about exactly what your needs are. In today's business environment is not the time to be wasting money so these decisions have to be thought through very carefully. There is no point in setting out to purchase a telephone system that is too small for your requirements, neither is there any point in paying for a telephone system which is too large for your requirements. So the first thing you have to do is to sit down and work out exactly what kind of demands are going to be placed upon any of his phone system that you purchase.

Starting out with how many employees are working in your office you can work out, with yourself included in the equation, how many different phone lines you're going to need. It all depends on the nature of your business of course. For instance if you are in an office which is selling products over the phone all day long then you are going to need a separate telephone line for each employee who is engaged in sales. If however your office is for basic administration, you may only need the services of a three or four line phone. Other considerations before thinking about purchasing a phone are whether you want a hands-free system or a corded system. Corded phones seem to offer much more in the way of security than cordless phones. Whichever of the Norstar phones you choose you should always do so with security in mind. And, you may want a phone with an intercom to allow people access in and out of the office. You should consider purchasing a Norstar door phone as this will do the job admirably.

Norstar phones remind me of the old heavy computer keyboards that used to come on every computer system. They were heavy, but they felt like a solid piece of equipment and not a chunk of plastic with a few electronic components inside of it. That is what a Norstar conveys, a solid piece of equipment that will last a very long time.