North Dakota has numerous spots to visit. Although this state may not be the first area you think of when you begin to plan a vacation, you should at least consider this great State, especially if you are a history buff. Here are some interesting places you can visit when in North Dakota and capture some great photographs. If you are just driving though this State for the first time then you may be surprised at how many great photographic opportunities you come across.

Farm Elevators

Rugby North DakotaCredit:

The State of North Dakota is loaded with Farm Elevators. Although a simple farm elevator may not necessarily be a tourist hotspot, they are very enjoyable for amateur photographers who are able to capture many spectacular scenes. Each Farm elevator has a different charm. The rustic appeal of these iconic rural buildings is captivating when viewed with the sun rising or setting. Many of these old grain elevators are still used; however you will also find some old owns that are in disrepair and somehow still standing after numerous years of abuse by Mother Nature.

Garrison Dam and Garrison Dam Spillway

Garrison Dam and Garrison Dam SpillwayCredit:

This is one of the few exceptions to the rule because the Garrison Dam Spillway is actually cooler to look at then the actual dam is, at least it is when the water is being released. The Garrison Dam is the 5th largest earthen dam in the world. Construction on the Garrison Dam began in 1947 and was finished in 1953.

ND 1 Overpass at Sanborn

ND 1 Overpass at SanbornCredit:

This is one of the most spectacular and interesting places for railroad enthusiasts in North America. Regardless of whether it is sunny or snowy you will be able to bear witness to an amazing railroad scene that you can capture on your digital camera. If you love railroads and taking pictures of railroads then the ND1 Overpass at Sanborn is one can’t miss destination.

Rivers and Streams

Scenic North DakotaCredit:

North Dakota is chocked full of rivers and streams. Many of these streams and rivers can provide great opportunities for the aspiring shutterbug looking to pimp out his Flickr account. Besides taking pictures you can also do some fishing, just make sure you buy a valid state fishing license first.

Grand Forks

Grand Forks, NDCredit:

Grand Forks North Dakota can keep you busy taking photographs for your entire vacation. Grand Forks is the third largest City in the state and is home to many cool things including


ND BarnsCredit:

Old barns are one of the most popular photographic items in any of the states that have great rural areas. If you like snapping images of old barns then North Dakota is a great place to visit as this State is loaded with old barns.

North Dakotans

ND DiverseCredit:

The friendly people who live in this state are a very diverse, and the North Dakotans are self-reliant people.

Antique Signage

Vintage Signage in NDCredit:

The towns and Cities in North Dakota will present you with numerous opportunities to take pictures of old vintage signage.

Regardless of where you travel in this part of the Nation then you will be presented with a wealth of photographic opportunities.

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