North Face jackets are perfect for the man who is active, yet wants to be stylish at the same time. Active men who live in the Northland should own one of these jackets. Aside from being warm, these jackets are not as cumbersome as the old down jackets because they use state of the art materials instead of feathers for insulation.

Lets face it. If you live in a northern climate, cold weather is a fact of life for the lion's share of the year. If you must go out into the cold for extended periods of time, you need to be warm, yet comfortable. North Face jackets allow you to be warm and comfortable, and at the same time, lool good!

I felt compelled to investigate North Face jackets last winter when I was Christmas shopping with my son. I overheard an argument between a lady and her teenage daughter. The mother was showing her daughter a nice jacket, but the daughter would not even consider it because it was not a North Face product.

North Face has been making top-of-the-line winter jackets for a long time. The North Face makes so many different types of winter jackets that even a man with the discriminating of tastes will be able to find a suitable coat.

Here is a short list of the jackets that North Face has available to men.

Triclimate Line of Jackets:

These three-in-one jackets have interchangable liners. You can mix and match them, or just wear the outer jacket if it is not extremely cold.

  • Men's Votex Triclimate Jacket: This best-selling product is one good-looking jacket that comes in six cool colors. It is designed for extreme cold temperatures if you zip in both of the liners.
  • Men's Headwall Triclimate Jacket: This jacket is specifically designed with the snow sports enthusiast in mind. This jacket comes in five colors. The waterproof and breathable HyVent fabric of the outer liner can be worn alone on those warm and rainy days, or the liners can be zipped in to protect you against winter weather.
  • Men's Passport Triclimate Jacket: This is another one of the Triclimate line and comes in five colors and has a detactable hood.
  • Men's Galaxy Triclimate Jacket: This jacket comes in three colors and has a down filled interior jacket to protect you against the worst that winter can throw at you. This jacket is not for the average couch potato.

Other Fine North Face Jackets:

  • Men's Denali Jacket: This jacket is made with the eco-minded person in mind because it is insulated using recycled Polartec 300 series fleece. This lightweight jacket will keep you comfortable in both cool and cold temperatures.
  • Men' Rucker Fleece Jacket: This is a mid weight fleece jacket that is designed to be wind resistant.
  • Men's Druid Jacket: This is a mid-weight fleece that is made of TNK 300 Fleece fabric and is quick drying for the true outdoorsman.
  • Men's Momentum Jacket: This jacket was designed for the man who likes to exercise outside in the cold. This jacket allows the wearer to be able to move around. This jacket has stretch fleece and elastic cuffs so you will be able to move around and be warm.
  • Men's Dualie Fleece Jacket: This is a new mid weight fleece that comes in 4 colors.
  • Men's Release Fleece Jacket: This lightweight fleece is meant to be worn underneath a ski jacket. It can also be worn as a lightweight jacket for cool temperatures.
  • Men's Pamir Windstopper Jacket: This jacket is made of 3-layer Gore Windstopper fabric and is designed to wick moisture away from your skin and is completely windproof.
  • Men's Boxster Jacket: This jacket is made from Hyvent fabric. This rainwear jacket can be used as part of the Triclimate 3-in-one jacket.

Any man who is active, athletic and likes to be outside during the cold part of the year needs to own one of these lightweight jackets. If you have a man in your life like the one I have just described, you really should look at these jackets. They are expensive, but they are worth every penny.

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