North Face jackets are perfect for the woman who is active, yet wants to be stylish at the same time. Active women who live in the Northland owe it to themselves to own one of these jackets. Active and on the go women enjoy these jackets because they are lightweight, warm, and stylish.

North Face has been making top-of-the-line winter jackets for a long time. The North Face makes so many different types of winter jackets

that even a lady with most discriminating of tastes will be able to find a suitable coat.

Here is a short list of winter jackets that the North Face has available to woman:

  • Woman's Denali Jacket: This classic fleece jacket comes in 12 colors and is made of recycled Polar Tec 300 series Fleece.
  • Woman's Denali Thermal Fleece Jacket: This is the Denali Jacket that is made from recycled Polar Tec Thermal Pro Fleece. This jacket is extremely soft, warm and lightweight. The Denali Thermal Fleece comes in 7 colors.
  • Woman's Pumori Jacket: This mid-weight jacket is also made of recycled Polar Tec 200 series fleece. it can be used as an under jacket layer for extreme cold or as a primary jacket in cool weather.
  • Woman's Osito Jacket: This is another incredibly soft jacket that North Face makes for women. It comes in 6 colors and is designed to be worn as a casual outer layer on those exteme cold days.
  • Woman's Oso Hoodie: This is another one of those incredibly soft fleece hoodies. The material that this hoodie is made of has been described as "bunny" fur. the Oso Hoodie comes in 8 colors.
  • Woman's Khumbu Jacket: This mid weight jacket made from TKA 300 fleece comes in 10 colors.
  • Woman's Parak Jacket: This is a mid to heavyweight jacket that is made of the stretchy TKA 300 fleece material. The Pharak Jacket comes in 2 colors.
  • Woman's Ruby Raschel Jacket: This is another very soft and strectchy fleece jacket that is designed for cool to cold weather.
  • Woman's Druid jacket: This mid weight fleece jacket is made of TKA 300 fleece and comes in 2 colors.
  • Woman's Momentum Jacket: This jacket is designed for the woman who is constantly on the move. Women who like to walk or jog outside all winter long prefer this jacket.

North Face jackets are warm, stylish, yet lightweight. Any woman who is active during the winter months owes it to herself to buy one of these jackets. There are enough styles of North Face jackets that just about any woman should be able to find one that suites her taste.