Set Your Spirit Free!

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Set your spirit free! “Soar like an eagle” above the treetops while enjoying an incredible “bird’s eye” of the mountains and valleys of North Georgia below. A zip line ride is the perfect way to appreciate the famous fall foliage. A zip-line, commonly known as a canopy tour, flying fox, aerial runway or aerial rope slide consists of a stainless steel pulley attached to a steel cable. The rider is propelled by gravity from the top or launch point to the bottom of the incline. Zip Line canopy tours are a newly popular form of extreme outdoor adventure. Enthusiasts claim that some of the fastest, longest and most scenic lines in the world are right here in North Georgia.

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Screaming Eagle Zip Line Canopy Tours

Experience the ultimate zip-line adventure destination at Screaming Eagle Zip Line Canopy Tours in Banning, Georgia. [1] The Guinness World Record proclaims Screaming Eagle as the largest and longest canopy tour in the world. Screaming Eagle amenities include 84 lines, 8.50 miles of course in the treetops, 52 sky bridges and one of the longest thrills in the USA. The Flight of the Falcon is 3400 feet long. Extreme adventure enthusiasts thrill to the high-speed lines and the 600-foot long Sky Trek Bridge suspended 190 feet over the Snake River Gorge. Screaming Eagle offers several different tours including the “All Day Rush.” “Go out for up to 8 hours and never repeat the same thing twice, not unless you want to.” Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventure Park holds another world record with the highest freestanding climbing wall in the world. GPS and Team Building courses are available. For complete information contact Historic Banning Mills, 
205 Horseshoe Dam Road,
 Banning, Georgia 30185 or call (770) 834 9149.

Blue Ridge

Zip Line Canopy Tours Of Blue Ridge

Fly through the treetops of 165 acres of the spectacular North Georgia Mountains. Zip Line Canopy Tours of Blue Ridge are rated one of the best canopy tours in the industry. They offer 13 lines with over a mile of cable, 12 canopy decks, 3 sky bridges, 2 sky towers and ACCT certified guides. Located on Lowe Cashes Valley Road, just 6 miles from Blue Ridge, Zip Line Canopy Tours promise a thrilling adventure that is fun for the entire family. To plan your adventure, call (800) 251-4800.

Blue Ridge Canopy Adventures – Fire Wire Lines

Enjoy the spectacular scenery as you ride a shuttle up the mountaintop the trailhead leading to the launch area. Launch from an elevated platform presenting a breathtaking view looking 1.700 feet down the mountainside. Sweep through the tree canopy tunnel, soar across the meadow, and enjoy the jaw-dropping views. Experienced ACCT certified guides provide a safe and memorable experience. The friendly folks at Blue Ridge Canopy Adventures state, “No one hangs out in the trees like we do!” For complete information contact Blue Ridge Canopy Adventures/Fire Wire Zip Lines, 1408 Appalachian Highway, Blue Ridge, Georgia, 30513 or call (706) 946-1010.


Lake Lanier Canopy Tours are justifiably proud of their zip line tours. LLCT states, “Our mission is to provide an unforgettable eco-adventure experience for people from all walks of life. LLCT will do this by focusing on the training and development of all guides & associates of LLCT and by having multiple Zip Line Canopy Tour options, thereby meeting a wide variety of desires represented by our fantastic user groups and participants. We are proud to have 4 different tours on property and being on Lake Lanier Islands Resort, you have plenty of other recreational activities to also rock your world.” To plan your adventure contact Lake Lanier Canopy Tours, 7000 Lanier Island Parkway, Buford, Georgia, 305989 or call (770) 828-7654.


Zippity Dude Ranch located at Sunburst Stables in Clarksville offers more than a mile of exciting lines crisscrossing 82 acres. The land is adjacent to thousands of acres of national forest. The thrilling 6-line course takes riders across 3 ridgelines and 4 ponds. The course is suitable for children and adults from 40 pounds to 250 pounds. For more information and reservations contact Zippity Dude Ranch at Sunburst Stables, 3181 State Highway 255, Clarksville, Georgia, 30523 or call (706) 947-7433.


Banning Mills

Banning offers one of the best canopy tours in the world!