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Being one of the first theme parks in the United States, the North Pole amusement park has been operational since 1949. Nowadays, however, it is popularly known as Santa’s Workshop. This park has been a tourist attraction as soon as it opened and its attendance peaked to a remarkable 14,000 on September of 1951. Also, owing to the Super Saver group rates, the park lets family reunions and birthday parties happen at a much lower price than you would normally expect. The amazingly enchanting rides constitute the kiddy rides and the family rides with special rules and regulations for each. But certainly this is not the end, there’s much more to it! There are numerous places to shop and still amazing places to visit and enjoy with your friends and families. Food stalls and magic shows, what else would your kid want for a pleasant Birthday Surprise?

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The North Pole amusement park is situated on the foot of the Pikes Peak and is a major tourist attraction especially during Christmas. One sneak peek at the history tells us that the village in which the park is situated was designed by a former Walt Disney artist, Arto Monaco. One can now imagine how captivating and blissful the experience might be!

Major attractions

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One of the very major attractions in the amusement park is the frozen North Pole that is located in the center of the village. The peculiar thing about it being that it doesn’t ever melt, no matter how warm the temperature gets!

Things to do at North Pole amusement park:

•             Sit around with Santa:

 Here you are then! Santa’s House is the perfect place to visit him, despite his busy schedule he’s always there for the kids!

•             Food cart:

There are several shops that might interest you with the architecture as well as the food that they serve in it.

1.            Popcorn wagon- this 60’s fancy wagon serves you cotton candy, popcorn and snacks

2.            Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard-this shop is located next to the Christmas shop which serves you with hot and cold drink, pretzels, hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken nuggets and fast foods of the sort.

3.            Carousal café-this café, located behind Santa’s Show house is open throughout the year where you can buy ice creams, milk shakes, sundaes and everyday snack items.

4.            Picnic pavilion-located at the front of the park, this exotic covered picnic point for families, ensures you enjoy the lunch brought from home.

 Caution: no fires are allowed and no glass containers are to be carried. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

5.            Miss Muffets-this hut is located within the Enchanted forest and you can buy cold and hot drinks, hotdog, hamburgers and snacks of your choice. But on the downside it is open only between June and August.

6.            Candy Kitchen-this shop is located within the Boy’s Shop and serves jelly bellies, homemade fudge and much more of sweet delight.


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The entertaining shows are designed to familiarize your kids with challenges and games that tag at their interest in the best of the manners!

The interesting games and shows include:

1.            Magic Shows- these shows are available to watch every year and magicians entertain kids with the best ever magic tricks and charming illusions.

2.            Elmer the Elf show- located between the Boy’s Shop and the Christmas Shop, this show is a must watch and is available all season long!

3.            Chris Moose Show- craving for a beautiful Christmas Medley? You’ve found the right show. Chris Moose makes you sing along with his wonderful Medleys, so lovely that you will keep singing them in the back of your head all day long. Located on the Sugar Plum terrace, this show is available throughout the year.

4.            Arcade- interested in skeet ball? Or find knockdowns more interesting? Or would you rather prefer clown roll downs? In all the challenges mentioned above, Arcade is the best place to be. Challenge your mates and find out where you stand!

5.            Santa’s house- here comes Santa’s house again. It’s fun when you get to explain your wishes to Santa in person; after all he is the one who waits for your Christmas wishes all year long.


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Shopping has its own language at North Pole amusement park.

1.            Girl’s Shop- you can shop your heart out for your friends of all ages here at the Girl’s Shop, including Breyer Horses, fun dolls and a gallery of plush animals/stuff toys.

2.            Christmas Shop- this shop is sure to help you get the best Christmas presents and saves your time which you would otherwise have wasted in hundreds of malls, finding that perfect present. Brands like Dept 56, Pipka, Precious Moments, Jim Store, Kurt S. Adler, Midwest and many more help to make our store a better choice.

3.            Boy’s Shop- this shop is nonetheless the best place to shop for fun Parris guns, trains, cars and so much more. Also present in it is the Candy Kitchen deliciously mentioned above.

4.            Santa’s Souvenir Shop- what better memories do you need to take with you other than the Souvenirs in the Santa’s Souvenir’s Shop?

Being the main village gift shop, it earns the privilege of hosting a diversity of gifts from Santa’s workshop and the Pikes Peak region. Special North Pole tee shirts and sweat shirts are also available here.

5.            North Pole post office (remodeled)- write to friends and let them know how great it is being here!

6.            Personalization Shop- a place where you can get your personalized items from, including Christmas Ornaments, Books etc…


On the whole, North Pole amusement park is the best place to visit in your summer holidays, and especially Christmas holidays. This place is a wonder once you start exploring, not to forget the Enchanted Village/ Secret Village of Santa Claus. The costumed Santa’s gnomes in the North Pole amusement park create a whirl of excitement around you which will always be cherished in your dear memories.