A tour of this country is a great investment. You will be able to see a lot of amazing things in Italy and have a very memorable vacation. One of the problems with visiting Italy is deciding on which part you want to visit.

Italy has a lot to offer and there is no way you can explore all the regions in Italy on a 10 day tour. Many people will automatically choose a Rome vacation when they travel to Italy for the first time but there are a lot of cool things in other parts of Italy also.

A Northeastern Italy Tour will allow you to see many cool sites. Here are some of the amazing things in Northeastern Italy.



Milan is home to countless amazing things. One of the many cool things that can be seen in Milan, Italy is the Milan Cathedral. The Milan Cathedral is the 4th largest cathedral in Europe. This Holy structure is huge and very beautiful.



Como is very popular with both out of Country tourists as well as Italians who like to travel there. The popularity of Como is directly related to its proximity to the Swiss Alps.



One of the most magnificent pieces of ancient ruins outside of Rome is here in Verona. The Verona Amphitheatre is truly amazing and must be part of any Italian Vacation you take if you are near this area.



Bergamo is located in Northern Italy. The amazing Colleoni Chapel is located here. The Colleoni Chapel is also known as the Cappella Colleoni. Construction on the Cappella Colleoni began in 1472.

Lake Garda


Lake Garda is the largest lake in the country. If you are going to be traveling in Northern part then odds are you will be able to fit this beautiful Mountain Scenery into your travel schedule.

The Dolomites


The Dolomites are in Northeastern aspect of the country and in my opinion the Dolomites are the prettiest part. There is nowhere else you can go in Italy that is as scenic as the Dolomites are and that is saying a lot because this country is chocked full of amazingly scenic places.


The Italian City of Bolzano is located in Northern aspect. The town was annexed by Italy during World War I.


Venice may be the second most well-known City behind only Rome. An entire lifetime could be spent in Venice and you would still not be able to see everything that this amazing Italian City has to offer. If you like Venice but also want to visit Rome then I would suggest a Sicily Tour Vacation. This tour is great but the Northern Italian Region is vastly different from the Southern Regions.