Northern pike fishing

is a very popular form of freshwater fishing that is constantly increasing in popularity as more and more anglers are discovering the joys of chasing trophy pike. Even the small pike, often referred to by their nicknames of "snakes," can put up one heck of a fight that will really surprise many anglers who aren't used to that level of aggressiveness from their freshwater fish.

There are many reasons why pike fishing is popular, and why new anglers are absolutely scouring the web to find some good pike fishing tips. For one, pike can be found in many northern waters all the way across the United States, and they can be found virtually anywhere in Canada. Even Alaska is known for its trophy pike fishing, although they're admittedly a little less happy about it since northern pike are not naturally native to Alaska. But these fish are fierce fighters, common to find, and don't require special or expensive gear to go after.

Besides, for many anglers there is a really simple equation to see how fun a certain type of fish is to go after. The harder fighting the fish, the more fun it is to fish for, and this goes from the youngest kids just getting started fishing to older fishermen who have been putting lines in the water for years or even decades.

Another good reason that northern pike fishing is becoming popular is that they are a tasty fish. While carp can also put up a huge fight and taste good smoked, there are some people who don't like smoked fish and don't care for the taste of carp as a whole. Northern pike, on the other hand, you can toss right into the frying pan and enjoy - and they taste great right out of the lake.

Another benefit of northern pike fishing is that chance for a trophy pike. The world record is over 55 lbs, and there are bigger ones out there. You're not going to find a bluegill that size. The chance to get a monster pike keeps anglers coming back, especially since the strength and aggressiveness of them makes it so hard to even land a 30+ pound fish when they can so often and so easily snap the line.

As this article has demonstrated, there are many reasons that northern pike fishing is popular, and it is likely to remain that way for some time to come.